Life is sloppy.  I went to the ER this morning, and found the UTI I was being treated for before I left probably never went away and spread to my kidneys causing a small abscess in my right kidney (Dr. Laura – step right up to claim your prize!).  The CT showed a bunch of Crohn’s related crap, but I wasn’t there for that.  Not really.  Don’t care.  Can’t do anything about it anyhow.  I was given fluids, pain juice (they offered, so why not?), then was released to go collect antibiotics from the pharmacy and given a follow-up appointment with a nephrologist next week.  I have to get my doctor at home to submit a referral for it, otherwise it won’t be covered and I’m in big trouble.  If I feel worse, I’ll get plugged into the hospital for IV antibiotics and surgery to drain the abscess.  I’ll just plan on getting better.

We were trying to figure out who’s responsible for flowers for the funeral in our group, and initially my Mom was going to take collections and do the ordering.  My cousin took over and I said I’d contribute some, I just wouldn’t know how much I could do until I checked the account.

After I checked the account, I went into hulk mode.  I paid bills on the 15th and the second half of the month is when we don’t have anything extra to spend.  I gave Manchild his spending budget keeping a buffer in place in case of emergency and to account for his piss poor spending habits.  So how is it that we’ve only got $32 left in the account?  What the fuck is he buying?!  I didn’t bring any funeral appropriate clothing, or anything dressier than jeans, and had planned on getting something tomorrow.  I don’t have any money for that or the flowers because the idiot spent it all.

Out of sight, out of mind.  “I AM HE-MANCHILD, EPICENTER OF THE UNIVERSE!”

15 thoughts on “Entropy

  1. Dr. Laura sez: standard of care for renal abcess even in immunocompetent people is inpatient care on at least two antibiotics for at least five days until culture comes back, usually two days, then switch to whatever the bugs are sensitive to.

    Follow abcess with ultrasound daily. Usual and best practice is to drain it by needle aspiration with ultrasound guidance, probably like your liver biopsy. Oral antibiotics are contraindicated in people with things like Crohn’s who have a compromised immune system and in anyone who has an abcess. So, my dear, if you are not hugely better today, you need to go back to the ER. I hope your insurance will cover the nephrologist. Usually if they order an inpatient consult it will be covered.

    RE: the shmuck who spent all your money: you need that like a hole in the head. The father of my child once pillaged our joint account, left nothing, and I mean nothing, in it, on his way to Germany. Luckily I caught up with him at the airport before he got on the plane and explained to him that he had a child who needed a place to sleep, food, daycare, etc, and he was kind enough to return just enough to get us through the month till I got paid. When he got back I told him we were through, so next time I got home from work I found every fucking stick of furniture gone….he had to furnish his new apartment, after all…

    Yeah, you need someone to help you, cause you’re sick….but I think the fuckhead is bailing out, passive aggressively. I may be wrong, I often am, but that’s what this smells like to me. Life with your parents might not be ideal, but at least they seem to truly have your best interest at heart. And you could get some alimony so you wouldn’t be penniless and dependent on them for money. Grim to think about, sorry to have to bring this up. I bet you’re thinking about this, though….hope I haven’t overstepped my boundaries. I do that pretty often, too…😕

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    • For real? That’s scary. The ER doc made it sound like it’s no big deal. Probably my mistake for going to the local chop-shop. At home they tend to admit me for anything and everything. I did think it was a little weird, but I’m not one to complain about being released. Feels like I’ve got raging colitis too. The bloat is epic. Time for a hardware upgrade. Fuck this shit 😉

      Yep, I’ve thought about that stuff too. It’s sort of a symbiotic relationship with my parents. They need my help as much as I need theirs. Wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen.

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      • Yeah, time to see a real doc.

        The symbiosis thing is good. Being needed, rather than just feeling like furniture that needs fixing all the time, provides real purpose in life. Actually being able to help someone is the bee’s knees. That’s one of the contributing factors of my chronic suicidality, not being able to do my job because of physical and mental illness. It sucks. Even being able to help somebody a little bit can make you feel like a mentsch.


  2. your aunty doesn’t sound like the flowers type of chick; but you could always order them and send man child the bill 😉 And roll will PJs i reckon … i think she’d be amused 🙂
    In the meantime, sounds like you need to take care of YOU 😉

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  3. I have read through your archives and am awed by you and irritated by your husband. If the shoe was on the other foot and he was dealing with a shit ton of chronic illnesses, I’m sure you wouldn’t inspire the same reaction in me that he does.

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  4. Kara, I share your trait of being behind in follow-up with several different specialists and a dentist. And like you when I do get myself to make an appointment, I very often cancel, postpone, and otherwise fail to turn myself in when I should . When you’re as sick as you are right now you should not chance your life on this inclination we share. Last week I surrendered at the ER, did the time inpatient, got the IV antibiotics, and am back home no longer wondering if I was casually throwing my life away.

    I don’t think 7 hours in anyone’s vehicle is going to be much fun with worsening kidney problem this time.

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  5. Erratum
    No, I’m not the girl I should most like to adopt😫 sloppy grammar eyeroll
    delete delete backspace backspace blushing emoticon here 🙊

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  6. Well, dang. The money issue has to be resolved. Make it so he can’t get any money unless you give it to him directly. There is so little respect for others. We buried my mom in jeans, her desire, your aunt b wouldn’t care, if anyone else does they can buy you something. Or any loved one near about the same size? Good luck, I’m sorry for your loss.

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