“Bullshit masquerading as science”

I admit it, I’m a science junkie.  I like to read research studies, then spend just as much time trying to figure out what the hell it all means.  I could even go as far as to say I’m a quasi-scientist because I perform experiments in baking, diet, and supplements.  Obviously none of my results can be accepted as fact because the test group is me, myself, and I.  They’re mostly observations that lead me to certain conclusions, like popcorn=death.  Or nicotine helps my colitis pain.

I’m guilty of occasionally quoting certain studies from questionable outlets, but I leave it to people to do their own research to validate or discredit something.  I’m lazy like that.  When I do the research for myself, I go directly to the source (usually medical journals) to see what methods were used, and whether studies were done in vitro, in animals, or in humans.  Who funded the study is also important.

“Studys show soda does not cause obesity and diabetes”  sponsored by Coca Cola

Question everything and when in doubt, go directly to the original published study.  Educate yourself.  Learn, learn, learn.  Look for conflicts of interest, and form your own opinions.

I love this guy.


4 thoughts on ““Bullshit masquerading as science”

  1. I’m a science junkie too. And I question everything. Sometimes to the point of driving hubs nuts because I accept very little at face value and ask why about everything.
    And I blame college for me questioning sources and requiring at least 3. 😉

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  2. I waited a couple days to watch this with Mr. Mango but he was a butt last night and put me through the god awful experience of watching Batman vs Superman instead…. So I finally watched it without him. I agree I’d much rather surf through medical journals and text than read a dumbed down huffington post/ daily mail/ men’s health journal article on the newest trending science fad. When I really want a celebrities thoughts on science I don’t turn to the today’s show I usually google “Bill Nye’s thoughts on….”

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      • Oh yes that bad!! I actually got an apology from Mr half way through followed by a foot rub, he even admitted it was torture to watch. While I don’t think Affleck was the problem or even the basic story line, the script was just badly written and the plot was slow and so corny even Adam West would think it was too much.


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