Hyperacusis, photosensitivity, and other Spidey senses

I’m going through some interesting changes.  My hearing has always been on point, I’m sensitive to odors, and bright light generally bugs me, but recently these things have entered the superhuman realm.  To the point it’s driving me nuts.  The distinct smell of cooked eggs isn’t neutral anymore, they smell rotten.  In fact, everything smells like farts.  Why can’t everything smell like apple pie instead?  When I’m in the sun I get dyshidrotic eczema all over my hands (which is fancy speak for a bunch of tiny blisters that are itchy as hell), and rashes on random spots of my body that aren’t even exposed to the sun.  =itchy all over.  The sound of plastic bags barely crinkling when air hits them, or pinhead crickets hopping around in a container is enough to make me lose my mind even with the hepa filter running at full speed.  The barely audible sounds are deafeningly loud.  My migraines have increased in frequency along with the sensory disturbances, so it may be the cause of them, or my hypersensitivity may be causing the migraines.  With warm weather, comes a giant bag ‘o shit.

Between pain, itching, smelling nasty shit constantly, and my ears being turned into amplifiers, there isn’t much sleep to be had.  This turns me into a ball of rage.

Today is seven hours in the car to go back to my completely trashed house.  The ride is going to suck with as sore as I am, but at least it’s not the truck.  Speaking of the truck, it’s running hot but “I think it will make it back okay.” Piece of shit.  I hope it catches on fire.  I want that thing GONE.  Speaking of smells, the truck reeks like a diabetic pissed all over the seats.  Really, a fire is the best thing that can happen to it.

When I get back, I’m supposed to follow-up with GI guy, nephro chick, and Dr. Brown-eyes the blood dude within a week.  I don’t know why, and I don’t wanna.  I was supposed to see my neurologist and cardiologist last month, but thankfully I was out of town.  Now, if I were just meeting these people for beer and nachos, I’d be all over it.

I may only get two days alone, but it sounds like a dream.  I’ll take it.


18 thoughts on “Hyperacusis, photosensitivity, and other Spidey senses

  1. I get those itchy blistery thingys; hadn’t put mine down to sunlight though hmmm may have to investigate further …

    hearing and smelling powers … got those too … I’m thinking we should start our own ‘agents of shield’; watcha reckon?? 🙂

    And may I suggest you take beer and nachos to each of those followups anyway 😉 🙂 and i just may do the same for mine 🙂

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    • For me, it’s the sun and heat that makes ’em take off. I think allergies is the most likely culprit.

      Ya know, that’s not a bad idea! I need an alias…I’m drawing a blank. The only thing that popped into my head was Thunderfart, so I’ve got some work to do 😉

      Everything is more tolerable with beer and nachos. I don’t think most of them would mind, and the rest would call me an alcoholic. I remember when you really had to be committed to the cause to get that title, and now it’s like any amount of drinking is too much.

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      • Yeah allergies is the culprit for me…settled by a sizeable amount of antihistamines. ..bastardy things!

        Thunderfart sounds engaging 😄 I was going to go with a ptsd theme, but anything with that in the title ends up sounding like an abbreviated sexually transmitted disease! So gonna have one rethink that one!

        And yes I used to work hard for my alcoholic title; 3 solid days of piss drinking…but now, half a glass of beer at 11am and everyone’s handing you cards for AA! ! What’s up with that ay 😂😂

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  2. Right now, my refrigerator is making a buzzing sound… buzz, buzz, buzz… Good thing I don’t own a gun. And my recent stresses have caused an outbreak of eczema — I won’t tell you where. 🙂

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    • What key is it buzzing in? D minor is a bad buzz. I’d want to put it out of its misery too. Beating it sufficiently with a baseball bat is guaranteed to make it stop eventually. I’d love to help. I’ve accrued a great deal of rage over the past few months and brutalizing appliances is a great way to purge.

      Being itchy in unmentionable areas makes public outings more interesting, yes?

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  3. Ya know, until you mentioned it, I thought I was the only one who broke out into little patches of rash in untouched by the sun areas randomly, this far north I’m not even stuck dealing with the heat part yet (we’re still expecting snow tomorrow YIKES). I used to find wearing headphones or earplugs helped with irritating sounds, but honestly the sound of my own head and tinnitus sometimes seems worse. We have our fish tank a little emptier than usual and the sound of a babbling brook actually helps distract from the other hums, buzzes and random creaky noises.
    Man at least with that many follow up apts you’d think they’d all group em together and make it a party! I hope the trip back isn’t too hard on you, sounds like anything will be better than the truck and two whole days alone…. plenty of time to plan some automotive pyrotechnic techniques!

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    • Damn tumor. Does it have a name? I have one gray hair named David because it only shows up when my husband is around. Not exactly a tumor, but it’s still a bastard. 🙂

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      • I refer to my grey streak as Rogue….but I couldn’t figure out what to name the tumor. I just call it stupid tumor or damn tumor or F you tumor. But a friend suggest naming it Irkie….because it’s just irksome.

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  4. um how much money do you have gurl?? I know people that know people that know other people that can take care of that truck to make it look like a fire broke out…………lol j/k….or am I….lol
    I just had a hour long MRI done on my neck and they gave me these bad azz ear plugs even with out the machine not running yet I swear I could not hear the guy talking to me standing in front of me…I told him oh can I take these home he said yes since we are just going to throw them away lol of course I knew that…That and a sleeping mask I think for tonight since I forgot I had those ear plugs…get your hands on some…I have to have more test yes another MRI of my head maybe I can score some more lol..
    Hang in there

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    • LOL, not enough to hire a cleaner 😉 I guess it was just the thermostat acting up. He told me I could sell it while he was in Korea, but I was pretty wrapped up in my own shit. Too bad.

      Earplugs I’ve tried. I can hear myself breathing and that sorta bugs me too. I’m weird. I’m thinking of looking for some more comfortable earbud headphones and making a white noise playlist to loop throughout the night.

      MRI’s are horrible! So hard to sit still for that long! I get all twitchy and it makes me sleepy too.

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      • lol…your not weird you are funny lol…sorry you have such a hard time..damn I thought those ear plugs would work but i am sure you have tried everything..yes white noise down load an app on your phone let it play…
        aw I fell asleep during the MRI and just started to get into deeper sleep I hate it since I have such a hard time with it at home and now I am asleep on the table getting a MRI really lol…

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  5. Say, during your latest ordeal did they happen to infuse you with anything ending in -oxin or -oxacin? Those incredibly effective antibiotics, the fluoroquinones, all too often come with sensory side effects like the ones you are describing. I get tinnitus and psychosis from them. Sonofabitch, you can’t hardly win for losing. I’m glad you’re not riding home in the truck.

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    • Yes! Levafloxacin (sp?). It all makes sense now. I’m assuming it goes away eventually? My appetite is completely thrashed because everything smells like doodie. I wonder if I can blame my rage on drugs too…

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      • Aha! I suspected as much. The usual cocktail for gut-related **anything** is fluoroquinone +metronidazole, which can also mess with your senses.

        Did I ever tell you about the time I was given cipro for pneumonia and had a paranoid psychotic episode and locked myself and poor Ivan, my Service Dog at the time, in a hotel room and lived off of Saltines and coffee for five days?

        Say, I’ll be your Watson if you’ll be my Sherlock 🍳 (closest thing I could find to a magnifying glass)

        Um, well, no. I don’t think the Levo has caused your justified rage. I just hope you don’t make yourself sicker.

        It will probably go away (the sensory unpleasantness, I mean) in time. I have some residual hearing damage and tinnitus. The other thing to be aware of is spontaneous tendon ruptures, especially Achilles tendon, after FQ treatment. I actually had a partial rupture after my last course of cipro. So if anything like that should happen, don’t put off going to the (UGH) ER. It can be fixed if caught immediately. No one told me about this, and I ended up with permanent tendon damage. Ain’t that great? There’s a move afoot to limit FQ use to absolutely necessary cases, and of course yours is in the absolutely necessary category. Like Gilda Radner said, “It’s always SOMETHING.”

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  6. You experience many of my symptoms. I’m so sorry that you suffer like this. I sense you have a sense of humor. I take lyrica, baclofen, and a gamut of other medications just to maintain. Illness is no fun. Writing helps release all that is bottled up inside of us and is cathartic Venting helps relief tension and stress. Really, I”m at a loss for words, I have been reading your blog. So much breaks my heart for you. All I can do is be a friend and uphold you in my thoughts and prayers. .

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    • Thank you, Nancy. I feel the same way when I read your posts. I never know what to say, but oftentimes empathy can’t be put into words. You’re an amazing and strong woman to endure all that you have and continue to.

      Writing is extremely therapeutic, although I didn’t intend for this to be the dumping ground that it has become. 😉 I think my sense of humor is what gets me through most of the scary stuff. It may be a defense mechanism, but it sure works for me. I’d rather laugh than cry if at all possible. 🙂


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