Home is where the mess is

I’ve got a lot of work to do now that I’m home.  I’m not supposed to do any heavy lifting for a couple of months, but it says nothing about dragging heavy stuff or kicking it down the stairs.  When I lived alone, I was good at picking up after myself so while I didn’t clean more than a couple of times, the house was relatively tidy, never mind the dust.

When my husband got home, all hell broke lose.  I can’t clean up after him anymore and the piles of garbage and junk are multiplying by the week.  If he’s fine with his mess, so be it.  The shit drives me nuts, but I had to let go because I only have control over what I do.  It wouldn’t kill him to be less of a slob.  I’ve been so angry at him for the past month, I’ve only talked to him once.  He tried to call me a couple of times yesterday, but I let it go to voicemail then sent him a text this morning.  He told me to sign into Whatsapp so he can talk to me, but I’m pretending I didn’t get this message because I don’t want to talk to him.  I’ll say something nasty.  I’ll talk to him when he gets home, maybe.

I cleaned up the office.  I filled four trash bags, and I can actually walk around without tripping over shit now.  It was probably more than I should’ve done because my incision got a little oozy, but I needed a space that wasn’t complete chaos.  Apparently oozing is fine as long as it’s not smelly or a weird color.  I’m not even going to show the before picture because it was worse than my college dorm room.  Two 18 year old girls sharing a 12’x18′ room…not a pretty sight.


The lizard tank needs a more permanent home, but the chair works for now.  I had her downstairs, but it was too cold.  Her coloration is really started coming out with the UV light.  She’s almost red on her sides and legs, and the markings on her back are so cool.  Like little chevrons.  I was concerned about the white stuff in her nares, but it’s just salt.  Lizards don’t have any other way to expel sodium from their bodies (they don’t sweat), so they blow it out of their nose holes in lizard snot.  Yummy.


While cleaning, I unearthed my bamboo knitting needles that I never used because they were too ‘sticky’, but discovered they’re far more forgiving with dumb hands.  I’m less likely to lose a stitch off of the end, so hey, I can knit again even if I can’t crochet.  My rainbow yarn won’t go to waste.


You’ve been rainbowed.



9 thoughts on “Home is where the mess is

  1. Well I love the lizard of course!!!!..I love that I’VE been rainbowed of course woohoo…I could never get the hang of the two stick yard thingy lol I can make blankets with a j hook or what ever size hook I want lol i guess that means I can crochet right?? if I use a hook?? lol never get those 2 right crochet or knit lol…I’m going to make a purple blanket with butterflies next for my lupus…when I get some extra time..lol
    anyways the room looks good you did a great job cleaning..And why doesn’t he help you oh wait he is a guy lol..well that is not fair my man does so much for me a life saver for us….i am blessed …
    I sound like you when it comes to moving heavy things I use to move things around all the time lol but gurl YOU NEED TO TAKE IT EASY….PLEASE!!!!! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF…AND REST!! maybe if it got so messy and he couldn’t find anything of his or clean clothes maybe then he would appreciate you more since it sounds like he doesn’t…please don’t get mad at me for saying that It’s just my opinion and I am not trying to start a fight with him and you ..I just worry and care about you…
    Soft huggggggs

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    • Sounds like crochet to me! I got a hook with the yarn, not sure what size. I didn’t have the coordination to use it, but seem to be okay with the needles, which is wacky. I used to be able to do both. I started with knitting, then learned how to crochet, and I actually like crochet better because it’s quicker to take form.

      I think he appreciates certain things, like my sense of humor and the fact that I’m not 100% crazy like most of the women he’s around, but he’s not used to taking care of the menial work associated with adulting because either his Mom did it, or I did it after we got married. If he can’t find something, he’ll just buy new. Hence the reason we’re buried in his shit. He has only done his laundry once since he got back in August. The smell bothers me so much, I end up doing it. He assumes I’ll end up cleaning eventually if it bugs me enough. I’m so predictable.

      He and I need to have a serious talk when he gets back. He claims he’s depressed…okay, so do something about it. Counseling, antidepressants, whatever. He’s just sitting around like a lump waiting for it to pass. Its been 2 years now. I don’t think it’s going to pass.

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  2. I wish he would help you more…please don’t overdo it.

    Thanks for sharing the pics of your lizard 💚 🐊
    And I love the rainbow colours of your yarn 😀 🌈
    I’ve got embroidery threads in those colours. Crafting always relaxes me. I hope you’re recuperating well, other than the mess…

    🐻 💜 🐢

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  3. well it must be season for slobby partners! I am currently knee deep in the disaster that is ‘man’, and am about to take a well earned ‘the walking dead’ break … while ‘man’ has a nap pfft cos he’s tired! good lord lol.

    Maybe thats how you could vent … ‘lose’ his stuff into the bin 🙂 🙂

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    • Yep, I throw stuff every once in a while when the anger lights a fire under my ass. He doesn’t even miss any of it because he has so much crap, it’s impossible for him to keep stock. I wasn’t expecting my manchild back until tomorrow, but he threatened to come home this evening instead. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Golly gee, when did I turn into such a hermit?

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  4. Jeeze it looks like slobby men folk are just everywhere! My MIL gave me explisit advice (after raising Mr. Mango and his 4 brothers all on her own) to designate a corner to pile all his shit he leaves around. At first I thought it would make him sick of it and clean up, but I think he’s just gotten used to his mound of random junk, laundry, flyers, you name it. Either way it’s his problem, not mine.

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