I’m in hell


It’s hot outside.  Like, code orange air quality, sticky icky, 90 degree, underboob sweat, fucking hot.

We live in a 2 level…uh, house.  We’ll call it a house.  It’s about 5 degrees warmer upstairs than it is downstairs.  That’s usually fine.  Set the air to 73, and it stays under 80 degrees.  I’ve got one extra variable to deal with this A/C season: manchild.

He runs a program called folding @home for team Nvidia.  His computer is assigned data calculations to assist in research efforts in health sciences.  Stuff like cancer, and nerve damage.  You might be saying, “oh, what a nice guy!”, but he folds for Nvidia to get discount credits to use on video cards.  A nice perk, if he actually needed a video card.  He doesn’t game, doesn’t use photo processing software, or anything other than folding that uses the GPU.  But he THINKS he needs to upgrade the GPU every 6 months because he enjoys wasting money.

Did I mention his computer runs at 58 degrees celcius, with the fans exhausting at full speed?  Run a large tower pc at 136F for 8 days straight, and see if it doesn’t turn your living space into a fucking oven.  It’s nice during the winter when the rest of the house is freezing, but now that it’s hot out, the upstairs hovers above 95.  Then he opens the windows at night, which makes the air heavy and creates a heat index well above the ambient room temp.

Me and heat are like oil and water.  That wonderful lanceting, burning pain associated with peripheral neuropathy is 10x worse when I’m hot.  The POTS is way worse when I’m hot, and I’m feeling a little preictal.  Of course, that could just be the ragestration.  I’m a hot, angry mess.

I had dreams about being dismembered by hellbeasts and burning to death while fighting forest fires because I was so damn hot.  The simple solution is to postpone ‘folding’ until it cools down, but no, “we have to reach our monthly points quota.”


He’s hiding in his bedroom now because being near me is no longer safe.  I suggested he go to Ohio for the long weekend, but he didn’t bite.  Can’t blame me for trying.  I’ll be moving my shit downstairs today/this weekend.  I don’t want to fry my brain.  ONE of us needs to be able to think clearly.





11 thoughts on “I’m in hell

  1. lol….
    Gurly gurl!!! lol
    I hate under boob heat melting being hott..I used to love being in the sun and swimming ..well still like to swim but you know..lol…
    Yeah I don’t do well in heat and sun so I am like a vampire ..our main a/c unit has a small leak since fuck I can’t remember (dads home) so to fix it and have that shitt put in was gonna be well over 600.00 so we have a window unit and it’s a smaller one we got it last year and for being here in Texas it is working pretty damn good thank god….It’ just hard to get the kool air into the bedroom of course..lol..
    You always crack me up ..I enjoy reading your blog post ; ) well you could always run around nakkie if you get to hott..?? maybe then manchild as you call him I think ..he might have other ideas up an updrive.. lol ; )
    Hope that you are feeling well my dear one

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    • We actually have a window unit we had to put in when we lived in SC. The heat pump was only good for cooling about 10 degrees below the outside temp. 100 is still a bit too warm. Man, was it HOT there. I’d use it here, but the windows are crank out. Grrrr. Seems a little cooler tonight, so that’s a very good thing.

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      • Yeah I would say that is to damn hot inside..nope I could not do that at all…
        So far today was well is it going to rain or not all day and of course we go out and it rains…lol. but yes kooler today and tonight..still have the air on tho…not that kool lol..I like to sleep with it real cold…or not real cold but you know when you have to have the comforter on ya lol..I love when I get a break to lay on the couch or bed watching movies all comfy in warm in bed when it’s so damn hot…but wait I think I am dreaming since I usually don’t get much breaks like that lol..but when I do sleep I like it that way lol…
        So where you live now? not sure if you told me or I just can’t remember lol
        Huggggs gurl

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        • I love to bundle up too! Part of the reason I love winter so much. Hoodies, fluffy blankets, and fuzzy socks.

          I’m in Maryland. If I drove west 10 miles, I’d be in the President’s back yard. It’s a neat area, and the state as a whole is beautiful. Chesapeake bay on one side, and Appalachians on the other. Weather wise, winters are relatively mild, and it’s hot and muggy during spring and summer, but there are 4 distinct seasons unlike the South. I’m a fan.

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            Damn sounds beautiful gurl..Only 10 miles?? damn gurl ..no don’t try getting on that grass lol…or fly your drone that direction lol… but it does sound so beautiful ….I love all 4 seasons too …I used to live in Vermont and Missouri and born in California….been across the united states at least 6 times or so…lol…We do get snow here at times ..not this winter but last year we had a deep freeze I need to post those pictures I took of frozen leaves and things and messed with the settings to worp things lol..I love dads place for one reason and ONE REASON ONLY he has a fire place and I love burning the wood..I was in charge of the fire heheh lol…Our home has one fire place but not working at this time needs bricks fixed things like that and the other one they took out and closed off but can be open back up and working so my goal is to have the one that is closed up working again and the other is what is called my room I will put candles things like that in it lol….baby steps baby steps to getting back home…and it is just down the street lol..but is going to be new paint inside and out 2 rooms are already done on the inside…and first re level that is a must it has been over 20 years so that is next..so lots of work lol and I just need to be able to due things more and not be so sick I love doing construction and paint and putty all that lol..and that is my dads trade so we try to keep him healthy and able and he is eager to due all this ..so he thinks ..lol were not going to make him do much just tell us how if we are doing it wrong lolol..and he can do somethings of course I just want him to enjoy himself…

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    • I was spoiled and didn’t even know it at the time. Let’s see…now that ncoa is over, and he’s taking classes…yup, he’ll be here for a lonnng time. Bollocks 😉

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