Maybe I’ll Go Eat Worms

I purchased a tub full of fat, juicy waxworms to feed to my lizard and I gotta tell ya, I’m a little grossed out.  Yes, it is possible to gross me out.


They’re so squishy and maggot like.  After several failed attempts of using a spoon to scoop them out, I gave up and used my fingers.  They’re squirmy little bastards.  I got tired of crickets getting loose, and mealworms aren’t very nutritious.  They’re largely indigestible, so it’s the equivalent of a person eating nothing but celery.

Waxworms are more like donuts.

People actually eat these things.  There are recipes for muffins, taco meat, and stir-fries using bugs as the protein source.  Did you know crickets have at least twice as much protein, calcium, b12, and iron as beef per weight?  Did you know that bee larvae taste like bacon (so that’s what’s happening to the honey bees!)?

Manchild ate fried silkworms in Korea.  I guess it’s bar food there, like peanuts.

There are protein bars made out of cricket flour, and plain cricket flour being sold as a low carb diet product.  I can’t even imagine eating crickets after being responsible for their upkeep for six years when I worked at the pet store.  They smell soooo bad.  Worse than cows or pigs.

No thanks.  Would you knowingly eat bugs?

13 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll Go Eat Worms

  1. I have, but more on the lines of dare/ seeing if I actually could follow through. Down for a trip in Arizona my brother and I got our hands on some lolly-pops with scorpions in the middle. Years later the opportunity to enjoy some chocolate covered ants as well as some deep fried crickets came up and I was game. In all cases though, I’m sure the flavor and texture was extremely masked by candy,chocolate or deep fried and breaded goodness. I don’t think I would be gutsy enough to try em plain. Eww…

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    • I’ve swallowed ants, spiders, and even bees by accident when they went for a swim in my beverages when I was a kid. The worst part is when they’re still alive and try to grab your tongue. Haha…creepy sensation. I did stick a live superworm in my mouth on a bet, but didn’t actually eat it. I’m sure it’s all in how they’re prepared…but it’ll take a long while before I’m ready to jump on the bug-wagon.

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      • I remember getting stung on the tongue by a wasp that snuck into my soda while at the beach. Fuzzy then massive pain and then barely being able make audible words for a week. I didn’t swallow the sucker though. I shudder to think of how many spiders I’ve possibly swallowed in my sleep….

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  2. interesting fun gross facts gurl lol
    those the same as meal worms?? they look the same that is what we used to feed the water dragon I had..
    yeah I have ate some shitt…oh a shitt those little fish you use for bait?? damn I can’t remember the name lol well I did a few you got to pick the size and put it in a shot glass of your choice drink and down it for a free shot so you got 2 shots for one dare lol….I am trying to remember what else I have ate bug wise lol…I think that is it tho lol.

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    • They’re similar… waxworms are a little fatter and mushier than mealies. Mealworms aren’t so bad to feed because they’re not as rambunctious during handling. Maybe the waxworms are sentient and know what’s coming 😮

      Aaah, mezcal worms? They look like waxworms, but the particular species is called “gusano rojo”…red worm. Lives on and munches the agave plants. Yum yum, bottoms up!

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      • lol that maybe true they know what is up lol…
        oh yes yummmie … I really am hungry lol..
        I am not surprised in what they put in some of ok most of our food….I remember in science class yes many years ago the teacher was into health foods before it was popular lol ..and reading the ingredients in one loaf of bread found out it was a form or was sawdust for fiber and to hold it together lol..yeah really have to look and KNOW how to read our food today and that pisses me off…

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  3. Flatworm pizza, gag a maggot!!!

    In certain salt flats, in New England and probably other places, when the tide is out there are all these holes, you may have noticed. These holes are the homes of red worms that we used for bait. Unfortunately, the little bastards have claws on their feet (they look like a centipede, many sticky clawed legs!) And they have huge jaws to bite you with. You have to pick them up just so, to avoid being clawed or bitten. The fish love them, so we collected lots and sold them to fishermen. Nobody wants to deal with the fuckers.

    Nobody likes me, everybody hates me
    I’m gonna eat a worm
    First I’ll bite the head off,
    Then I’ll suck the juice out
    Then I’ll throw the skin away

    (I assume you know the tune; if not, just pick one)

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