A few words, a few pictures

Once again, I’m caught up in a whirlwind of boxes and packaging as my husband obsesses over his newest hobby: paintball.  Paintballing?  Whatever the hell you want to call it, it’s expensive and it’s taking over my once clean and organized office.  He completely fucked up the feng shui.  C’est la vie de merde.

I wrote a whole 800 words on yesterday’s dialysis and a now 7 day duration fever that has no obvious cause, but I nearly put myself to sleep while proofing, so I left it in post purgatory.

This was the most exciting part:


I have quite a few uploaded pictures that I’ve never posted.  Apparently WordPress has become a dumping ground for all sorts of stuff, especially when my phone runs out of storage.


The original box troll, circa 1986?


Popsicle pygmy, some time before becoming a box troll


I ❤ dog butts? 1998


My favorite wedding picture – funny, considering who’s missing 😉

David's Wedding 055David's Wedding 054


The boy in this picture does not exist.  If he did, he’d murder me for posting it. 😉

march 2008 023

And this one too 😆


8 thoughts on “A few words, a few pictures

  1. Great photos, although you look more like a damsel in distress than a bride. Do you recognize the little girl in the photos? I see photos of myself as a child, and I’m like, W(ho)TF is that? 🙂

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    • Yup, we wanted an informal ceremony with a few people, and then a party. His Mom took over and I was waaaaaaay outside of my comfort zone. It was a very nice wedding, just not for me.

      I don’t really see me in my kid pictures either. My eyes can still be a little creepy, I suppose. “The death stare” as manchild calls it. I think they call it resting bitch face now. It’s amazing the changes people go through as they age.

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