Scrambled brainggs

This is going to be all over the place because it’s late and this is what my brain does best when it should be SLEEPING.

Today was a little bit off.  I overslept and missed D-day, got bitched at by the nurse, then begged for forgiveness and the next available appointment (which happens to be tomorrow).  I felt awful when I woke up and knew I probably needed that dialysis.  My eyes were practically swollen shut from edema and my hands were pretty waterlogged too.  It doesn’t happen very often, so I’m not entirely confident my kidney function is headed in the proper direction.  Crappy crap, shitty ass kidneys.  At least the water dropped the longer I was upright.  A little coffee, a little Excedrin, headache be gone.  It’s unfair to wake up with hangovers when I haven’t been drinking.

Trying not to think about any of that stuff requires tons of entertaining distractions.  I piped into my man-things’s Amazon prime account and started watching Orphan Black.  That’s a GREAT show.  It’s good to know that I haven’t seen all of the good stuff yet.

I bought some more books, Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and Dodger by Terry Pratchett.  What can I say, I love his writing in all of its ridiculousness.  I also have another 1 cent’er on order; the diary of Opal Whiteley as recommended by a blogger buddy.  Got any suggestions for me?  I’m partial to science fiction, fantasy, and obviously dark humor, but I love a good mystery too.


I haven’t gamed much recently, as it has been too hot to tax the GPU.  I did steal my husband’s controller and played Lumini for a bit.  It’s an atmospheric game, with relaxing music and beautiful graphics.  You control Lumini, which look like dragonfly fish hybrids.  They’re adorable little critters, complete with adorable critter sound effects.  There are some puzzles in it, and a few beasts to avoid (gets intense at times when you’re concerned about your poor little guys biting the dust), but overall it just flows.  The whole game can be completed in about a half hour and replay value is high, in my opinion.  I’m sure plenty of people would be bored to tears, but I’m not one of ’em.

Lastly, remember the band Evanescence?  I had a huge girl crush on Amy Lee.  I did get to see them live, but unfortunately it wasn’t very good.  Her pitch was off, or maybe it was just crappy sound engineering.  Either way, I wondered what the heck happened to them, and apparently Amy Lee is solo now.  I listened to a couple songs and wasn’t exactly blown away, but her voice is still solid on recording.  Thanks to the YouTube train, I was introduced to Halestorm.  A hard rock band with a female vocalist (Lzzy Hale).  Yup, I’ve got a new girl crush.  This live acoustic version of one of their songs is a great example of the raw power of her voice.  Hey Lzzy Hale, want to scream with me?  I swear it’s not as dirty as it sounds.  I’ll bring the cough drops, ’cause yowzas!

22 thoughts on “Scrambled brainggs

  1. You can have one of my kidneys if you want it — it’s not like I’m doing anything with it. Now, if we can only figure out how to remove the organ without the pain of surgery… Maybe that lady with the great lungs (able to suck gum back into her mouth) can suck my kidney out of me? Something to think about. 🙂

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    • I’ll bet your kidneys are part chocolate, and if gum lady got ahold of it, we may never see it again. 😮

      They’ve said nothing about transplant, so it’s probably a good sign? You keep those kidneys, and I’ll take a hug instead. 🙂

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  2. we need a girls day … week … no, month, maybe 2 / or 6 … I’m thinking, tropical island, topless sun tanned dudes serving up free drinks and food … no hangovers and defiantly no sickness … free kidneys, livers, bowels, heads (both kinds), and nervous systems for all!!! … hmmm sounds like heaven? I think it should be done before we croak though … something else to think about!!

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  3. Orphan Black is good, the actress is quite talented to pull off all those characters. I bought myself BOTANICULA, a pc game for my birthday this year – it’s got loads of cute critters! I think you may like it 🙂 If I think of any books you might like, I’ll let you know.

    HUGS! + Get Well Wishes xox

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  4. I’ve got Here’s To Us stuck in my head. Great tune with the proper ratio of naughty words. I love it, and I’m sorry I didn’t discover Halestorm sooner. Better late than never.

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  5. Lots and LOTS of cough drops 😀

    Who the hell transports you to your D-sessions? I’m glad you were able to get in. I wanna know who’s got the little portable dialysis boxes you wear like a fanny pack. I just KNOW they’re somewhere in Durable Medical Equipment Land. Maybe in Korea, or Tibet. Probably being developed under our noses in Israel, Land of the Pill Cam. I’ll put in a call to Bibi and tell him you need one NOW! I met him once in the shuk (public market) in Jerusalem when he was campaigning for office. I’m sure he’ll remember me.

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  6. That game looks super fun, I might have to get Mr. Mango to figure out how to get it. I can’t manage much in the consoles other than Netflix or going straight into a game/demo. I LOVED Evanescence, I feel bad haha, the show we got to see here was absolutely amazing, it was totally worth having to sit through Nickleback. I hope you made it to your apt fine, kidney woes are the flippin worst!

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    • It may have just been the venue then! I was so bummed the sound was off, but it was still a cool show. They opened for a Perfect Circle, so thank goodness no Nickelback for me. 🙂

      Lumini is on Steam. It goes on sale often, I think I got it for $4. Totally worth it and a great way to zone out for a bit.

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