Thanks, Facebook

I’ve loved to hate Facebook since I registered over 10 years ago.

“Kara!  You have to sign up for Facebook!  It’s like an extra large burrito smothered in awesome sauce!”

Shit, I love burritos, so I signed up.  Yech, way to oversell.  Soon, everyone and their grandma had Facebook.  No, I don’t want to be friends with my high school American literature teacher.  No, I don’t want to be friends with the happy hooker tow truck service.  No, Dad!  I will not be your friend!

It’s an introvert’s worst nightmare.  New friend request!  Oh, you want to be my friend?  How about you send me some cookies and prove I’m as worthy as the other 666 people you’ve friended.  I have 100-some “friends”, with a half dozen of them being people I’d actually choose to talk to without having my fingers smashed with a hammer.  After which, sorrycan’ttypefingerscrushed.

I keep it for those few weirdos whom I call friend.  Sometimes I communicate with family.  And rarely will I post something.  Pictures, beer worship, and blurbs that no human in their right mind will understand.

Today when I logged into Facebook, it asked if I wanted to share a memory from last year.  Because Facebook cares.  The memory?


Nice.  Thanks for reminding me what an epic klutz I am.

9 thoughts on “Thanks, Facebook

  1. Hah! I have the same relationship with the entity that is Facebook! The memes crack me up .. .some of them I cringe at … generally I scroll on past what someone else has had for dinner … unless it looks particularly yum … and then theres the aggravating news that i didn’t want to know about … and then, yes, theres the delightful ‘memories’ section … just to remind you what a dick you were a couple years ago! Like we could ever forget ..

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  2. Haha, it really is a love hate relationship. I’ll be the first to admit, I have dozens of unanswered friend requests from people I’ve sorta known through the years. I feel guilty saying no, but definitely don’t want to have 600 random somebodies posting all over my news feed. So I leave em hanging…. I use FB 99% to either upload pictures of the kids for our families to see or to keep in contact with Mr. Mango during the day with sarcastic Memes and GIFs or other funny shit we find. It keeps us from having to save it all for the 10 minutes of kid free time we get a day.

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    • I do enjoy spying on people. That part is fun. I tried to friend my husband on Facebook because it’s one of the few social sites that isn’t blocked at his workplace. He said no! He’s trying to keep his harem of lady friends hidden….or, as he said, “all of your friends are stoners and I don’t want to be linked to them.” Where’s his sense of adventure? Good golly gosh.

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  3. I hate the fakeness of facebook…people that you went to school with and THEY wanted to be your friend on it and won’t even talk to you…and the same ones act like they are so much better than I …why judge me and the way I live I am not bothering you or posting rude comments about the way I know how you are living …THE TRUTH…why the lies on facebook?? I haven’t been on oh god 5+ months maybe or so …I thought about getting on there and deleting all of the ones that don’t want to talk to me or share our time in school or life..or I was told by a wonderful gurl that I could open another one..I just may ..and have it for this site…..The truth it just hurts my heart most of all…Really the only thing stopping me is it’s another account lol..another password and log on information lol…when I have enough going on in my life at this time…But I much rather talk to everyone on here then on my facebook..That is why I wish this site had private message lol..and some of the features of facebook..
    Sorry about the picture bringing back rough times ..but you are passed that now gurl : ) n here I thought I was clumsy lol For a while I was getting hurt at least once a year lol…when I was younger driving it was every year I was in an accident (not my fault) drunk driver hitting me things like that…then it stopped for awhile until I was older playing catch up on my unhappy azz …The saying goes if we are out with friends or they are at my house before the night is over Suzette will get hurt and usually end up in the hospital or just hurt lol..One time by a drunken big man was falling and started to fall in my direction and before I could move he was in front of me back to me falling on me as I landed on a back of a car and as he fell to the ground he took me with him so bunch of bruise and scratches from the car bumper and what ever else was on the back of the car and ground.. but I got back up I can relate to being oh so graceful my dear loved one lol..
    Hugggs n love to you gurl

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    • I can’t help it, but your stories make me laugh. 😀 Probably because I can totally relate. Dude! I know what you mean about login/password overload! My brain is filled to capacity with banking stuff, loans, credit cards, electronic health records, then email and all of the social junk. It won’t be long before I forget my name, and where I am. I tried to find a chat plugin for my blog, but it’s only on and not for the free version, of course. Maybe one day when I’m rich and famous.

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      • Well thank you gurl!! I love to make people laugh and if I have to have a lil pain with it all the more fun it is lmao…
        But I relate to you as well that is why I laugh with you as well gurl..
        Seee by god I am not the only fucking one tired of all these log on and in information overload for christsakes ….I am glad you and I can relate to it all…
        OF course they have the chat thingy on the wordpress that you pay fucking money for..of course they do due do….but not for us poor people…maybe in my next life I will be able to have a paid word press lol..but don’t hold your freakin breath gurl lol…well when you are rich n famous don’t forget this gurl here that made you laugh every once n awhile : ) hell at least if we were closer we could get hurt together and share a hospital bed and split the fucking bill……..


  4. I’m not a fan of fb. I check what fiance is up to in the next room via the email notifications tho’ 😉
    I hate all that password crap too – it’s hard enough trying to concentrate on the normal things! 🙂

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