A crash course in resiliency

My neighbors must have crash of rhinos in their house.  It sounds like they’re hanging pictures at 3am, or they have a trampoline in their second story.  Everything they do over there feels like an earthquake on this side of the common wall.  Stuff on the nightstand rattles off onto the floor.  I don’t know if they realize how loud they are because we’re so quiet, or if they’re just assholes.  After a year of their bullshit, I’ve stopped being diplomatic.  If they start banging around, I pound on the wall.  If the kids start screaming long after they should be in bed, I scream “shut the fuck up”.  This is not the best way to deal with things, but I’m fed up with people who have no regard for anyone else.  Oh, and perhaps you remember me mentioning that one of their turd goblins repeatedly peed in the corner of their bedroom, and it leaked through the sub-floor and made my house stink like a fermented dirty diaper.  They need to move, or we need to move.

Speaking of people who have no regard for other humans, my wonderful husband almost got himself staked in the ear with a knitting needle (and TSA allows them on planes??).  He threw a mantrum when I requested he do a grocery run because I ran out of agreeable food a week ago, and the coffee supply was completely exhausted.  The situation truly was dire.  Of course it didn’t matter to him because the freezer is full of processed animal byproducts for his consumption.  I don’t want to know what would happen if I didn’t get coffee’d this morning.  He did eventually go after I did what I hate doing – nagging.  I don’t like asking him to do this stuff that’s so clearly below him, and it’s even more traumatic when he acts like a super-douche.  I typed myself a letter with the reminder that rage killing is in fact illegal, and he does have positive attributes.  He’s being a jerkoff because he’s exhausted.  It’s not an excuse, but it at least explains things.  He’s also not quite accustomed to having someone almost entirely dependent on him.  He’s not ready to dump the child from the man, and his ability to adapt is piss poor.

I’m taking deep breaths, killings lots of pixels (Wildstar, anyone?), and practicing other forms of stress management.

Like this….


If you can’t beat him, eat him.

10 thoughts on “A crash course in resiliency

  1. Ouch! A knitting needle 😮
    I hope you get your coffee soon, Kara 🙂 🍵
    I had nightmare neighbours like that once. They lived in the apartment above me and the little turds would stamp on the floor and cover my car in mud and stones. I would retaliate by playing my music very loud and then it would be quiet for a couple of weeks when it’d start up again. Some people should just die… 😱
    🐻 💜 🐊

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  2. My heart goes out to you
    when I was laid up
    Cereal was a big issue
    The company stop making it and I had to switch in mid stream
    My wife did a valiant effort
    So there wasn’t too much smoke coming from my ears
    Trust me I know when you’re uncomfortable and there isn’t much you can control
    You want at least your food
    It’s comfort in a bowl,a cup,your pillow and a clean toothbrush
    I get it
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  3. Haha, I got a good laugh. Maybe I have to get a tub of that stuff for the freezer. It’s a tough mix, someone who doesn’t want to have to be taken care of and someone who doesn’t know any better how to help take care of someone. I do hope you manage to keep your coffee fix going and that no knitting needles end up in unwanted orifices…

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