The Jerk


July 4th is quickly approaching, and in the good ole USA, that means HOLIDAY weekend.  Barbecues, booze, fireworks.  America.  Fuck yeah.

Manchild’s family is having a party on Saturday, then my brand new niece will be baptized on Sunday, the little bite-sized sinner that she is.  Naturally, we’re invited to all of these shenanigans, and naturally neither one of us really want to go.  Of course, there’s the familial obligation, but I’m off the hook since his family prefers ailing cows to yours truly.

The assumption was that I will be going with him because he hates to leave me alone for extended periods.  That was until I let him know I wasn’t going because “I want you to enjoy your weekend unencumbered.”. What that really means is, fuck all that.

I spend most of my time alone, and when I’m not alone, I wish I were alone.  I don’t know if that’s healthy, but if I think about it, I’m happiest this way.  Would I be happier if I weren’t as isolated?  Hmmmmmm…nope!  That’s not to say that I don’t like people.  I really do (in small doses).  The thought of spending a whole three days alone fills me with glee, even if it is a holiday weekend.  I can’t eat anything with pig, or anything with fiber, so that makes a barbecue nothing more than an insult.

Traveling with me is a pain in the ass, so the un/encumbered thing isn’t that much of a stretch.  It’s worth it if it happens to be something we’re both looking forward to, otherwise it’s a double shot of stress that we don’t need.  I tend to get sick after traveling, so it sure as hell better be worth the potential hospital time.  In this case, I’m in favor of resting on my laurels while he deals with his fam-damily.  Does this make me a jerk?  Absolutely.

I’ve got some reading/eating/ceiling staring to catch up on this weekend, and it’s going to be some mighty peaceful reading/eating/ceiling staring.  Have a lovely weekend, people!



20 thoughts on “The Jerk

  1. That doesn’t make you a jerk… Just a woman who knows what she wants. After all, you’re married to him, not his family. Celebrating fireworks has already started here in the Q… It’s going to be a long and loud weekend. 😦

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    • Hope you’ve got some earplugs or noise cancelling headphones. In SC, people were launching fireworks for almost two weeks surrounding the 4th. They don’t allow fireworks on base, so it should be relatively quiet… and I think the neighbors are out of town. Hoo-frickin-ray.

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  2. I gotta say I’m a little Jealous. While no travelling for me this weekend, it is sure full of people. Canada Day was yesterday which means our little town if full of tourists and some how we know half of them and they stop by for random visits. A long weekend alone sounds wonderful! I hope you are able to enjoy the peace and that the Man enjoys his family time too.

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    • Thanks, lady! He’s a bit of an introvert as well, so these things exhaust him, but I’m sure he’ll enjoy spending time at his grandparents (they drink Manhattans all evening).

      See, this is why I’m so glad we live 6 hours away from anyone we know. People don’t just stop by. I have at least a 24 hour warning! Good luck, and don’t be afraid to turn ’em down. Or hide away from the commotion. 😉

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  3. Good on ye for being a good advocate for yourself. It’s so easy to get sucked into the “yes, but….” thing, and end up in a less than pleasant situation. One time I heeded the insistent call of “family weekend” when my son was a crawling baby in diapers. The in-laws absolutely insisted that I be present even though I was sick, and I went. But Baby Boy got revenge: somehow his poop got out of his diaper onto their (previously) pure white carpet…oh noooooo! (I took him in the bathroom to clean him up and practically puked from laughing so hard) I was not invited back. He’s 31 and I am still not invited back! Yesh!

    Stay safe and healthy ❤

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  4. I agree with painkills2 you are not a jerk…I love, LOVE my alone time…I don’t miss the unwanted guest/family/friends just stopping over like they used to..unannounced espicialy the so called family that we divorced our self from lol..that has been a fucking blessing in its self…choke um if they can’t take a fuck…lol..
    I just soon hang inside where its a lil kooler and everything I pretty much need and no bullshitt from others with there fake azz smiles and thank you the michael jackson song leave me alone comes to mind loololol..
    what ever you may due do just have try to relax and don’t take no shitt “I don’t think you are the type that does tho lol”

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    • Extroverts don’t get it, and they write most of the books on how a person is supposed to act, so it makes me rude/a jerk. Oh well, at least we know better. 😉

      I started Game of Thrones, and I highly doubt I’ll ever finish. It’s only 5,216 pages for the series. It’s on my husband’s kindle, too. I don’t do well with e-readers for some reason. Print books don’t strain my eyes as much.

      Did you have a nice weekend?

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      • Goodness, that is a long book! Whenever I see the Games of Thrones ads it piques my interest…but haven’t watched or read it yet. I love the Kindle, I read on my coloured Kindle Fire now, but the first one I had with the keyboard built in and just black and white is lovely to read from too. I have TOO MANY books! I love them. I'[m come back soon, cos John’s made dinner 😉 pizza and fries :p


      • We went cycling yesterday evening. My first time in nine years and I managed it! It means a lot to me because I’ve lost the ability to properly walk (just a few steps before body seizes up). 😀
        Downside: I got bitten twenty times after being chased by huge mosquitoes! And I’m allergic to them, little evil buggers! 😦

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        • How cool! I haven’t ridden in a few years…I’m afraid I’ll topple over, but I won’t know ’til I try.

          I had an English counselor at summer camp when I was kid. She got giant blisters where mosquitoes bit her. She was also allergic, and claimed where she was from, they didn’t have any of the blood suckers. If I go out with my husband, they swarm him and leave me alone. The ticks love me, though. And the fire ants. 😖 Benadryl lotion is good for that sort of thing, otherwise I’ll dig until I don’t have any skin left.

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          • We certainly have them – horseflies and ticks too. 😦
            Maybe we have Benadryl lotion here too? I’m not getting much relief. Been using rubbing alcohol, peppermint essence and Germolene. I didn’t want to scratch my skin raw, but I have. And, my arms are so swollen they’ve changed shape! 😮


            • Ack! Maybe just taking it straight up. It’ll make you sleepy, but it should help the swelling and itching. The generic is called diphenhydramine, and it’s possible there’s a lotion/gel over there with that in it. Mentholatum or benzocaine might help if you have ’em, at least until you can get to a pharmacy. Or even stuff for toothaches that has lidocaine. Hope it goes away soon. Itching drives me batshit, so I’ve got a cabinet full of stuff. Too bad we aren’t neighbors 😉

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    • I’m sorry to hear that, Sheldon. Sometimes (most of the time) it’s less stressful to just be, than to stuff it all while attempting to be social. I can be happy, or sad, or miserable, and I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. This is one of many reasons I enjoy my alone time. 🙂

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