Pop-quiz for psychoanalysts


Not even Jeff Corwin can convince me this thing is actually a mammal.

Perhaps you can tell me how, in less than two minutes, a conversation about the freakiness of platypuses progresses to a discussion about how societies tend to sexualize certain body parts.

Was it the discovery that platypuses don’t have nipples?  Or the venomous death spike they have on their feet that reminded me of that one time I was running around naked in my yard and got stung by a bee?

And how is it that my husband can follow and contribute to such conversations like it’s completely normal?

It’s comforting to know that there are other weirdos like me out there, and I picked one as a mate.

8 thoughts on “Pop-quiz for psychoanalysts

  1. Makes complete sense. Platypus are Australian. There is a lot so sexualisation down here – boobs, cars, motorbikes, etc. – or at least the suburbs I grew up in (where there were no platypus, only occasional koala.)

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    • I’ve heard Australia is home to the Jabberwocky. And Koalas can be pretty nasty when they aren’t stoned out of their minds, yeah? Australia sounds exciting!


      • We’ve got it all. Poisonous spiders, public health system, drunk marsupials, bonkers politics, bikinis, but no automatic guns. You can link any two conversation topics together and it makes sense.

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    • Haha! I had no idea those were penises. I thought they were snorkels…the more you know 😆

      I remember a time I showed a lady how to determine sex of a molly (fish), and pointed out the little appendage near the tail fin, and she laughed hysterically because “the fish has a boner!” Wow…that was a fun job. LOL

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  2. Oh how bizarre some conversations can turn! Only the lucky ones get suck with someone who matches their weirdness…Now that the subject has been brought up, I hope you didn’t get stung anywhere…. sensitive….

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