Gee whiz


Lizard has an unofficial name: Whiz

She’s very fast, remarkably noisy for how tiny she is, has laid two eggs, and is moulting for the 5th time since she has been in my care.  I’m surprised she’s thriving, or even still living.  I do enjoy talking to Whiz because I’m a crazy person.  She hatched in Florida, so I assume she knows English.  I saw her dewlap for the first time this weekend while she was doing the lizard dance, presumably because she saw her reflection.  The video below is of a male anole, but females also have dewlaps that aren’t quite as large or bright.

She seems to know the difference between me and manchild.  I’m the one who brings the bugs, so she stays visible.  When he enters the room, she runs into her little hidey hole.  Smart lizard. 😉

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