Addiction Affliction

There are many things in life that I crave, and many things which I consider to be addictions.

  • Nicotine – I don’t smoke, but I adore nicotine lozenges.  My own confirmation bias tells me it’s good for my colitis.  Even if it’s not true, it’s good for my brain, and it may very well be the reason my husband is still alive, so fuck it.
  • Caffeine/coffee – Holy Cannoli, I love my coffee.  It’s mine.  My own.  My preh-shuuuuss.  Sometimes I go for decaff if I plan to take 20 naps during the day, but mostly I guzzle high octane, super dark roast.  Not only does it cause cancer and dementia, but it also prevents cancer and dementia.  Clearly, it’s a very indecisive beverage, and that’s okay,
  • Fizzy drinks – Soda, sparkling water, champagne, beer….BUBBLES!  I LOVE THEM!
  • Salty snacks –  I’m the only person I know who can blast through two party size bags of chips in less than a week, without sharing.  I should probably just drink ocean water, but there’s poop in it.
  • Lip Balm – I’m getting better.  There was a time I had multiple tubes in various pockets, and I’d apply it at least every 30 minutes.  I’m down to a couple times a day.
  • The smell of books – I spend almost as much time sniffing them as I do reading them.  Perhaps this is why I have very little love for the Kindle.
  • World of Warcraft – Blizzard keeps saying “this is the last expansion” but it’s a lie.  I get sucked back in, kicking and screaming, every time a new one is released.  I quit a few months ago and cancelled auto-bill.

And then this….


Have you no mercy?!  WHHHHHHHHHHY?!!!!

Well, it was nice knowin’ ya!  I’ll be back in 6 months.

8 thoughts on “Addiction Affliction

  1. How many people get picked as beta testers? How do they pick the beta testers? Dude… did you sign up to be a beta tester? 🙂

    I’m not going to reveal how many tubes of LipSmacker are currently residing with me, but suffice it to say that it’s more than one. 😀

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    • Beta testing started in May, and then they add new waves of players as the release date gets closer. I don’t remember opting in, so maybe veteran players automatically get selected whether or not they opt-in? It’s probably an evil scheme to sink their claws into players who quit.

      Ha! Maybe the CDC should seek to limit the availability of lip balm too. Lips that are too soft and too smooth are certainly a danger to society. What’s your favorite flavor? I’m partial to Dr. Pepper lip smackers.

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      • You have good taste. Of course Dr. Pepper is the best. Not the taste, but that it adds some color, like Root Beer. For taste, I’d say Bubble Gum was my favorite, mostly because I really miss bubble gum.

        Maybe you have soft and smooth lips, but I’m just trying to keep mine from drying and cracking. Dry skin can actually hurt. Now, if only they would make petroleum jelly that smells good (not the kind you put on your lips). Maybe they do… perhaps I should check out a store that sells sex toys. 🙂

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  2. Honest confession time… I hated WoW… maybe it’s my crap computer though. Another confession…. I’m totally addicted to lowly old Runescape. Apart from that, I’ve managed to toss most of my vices like smoking, deep fried foods every day and from what I’m told thumb sucking as a young kid was a HUGE one. I still love myself a good glass of wine or stiff drink and definitely would challenge you to a chip eating contest any day, oh the salty, crunchy, fatty goodness. On bad days black coffee and Lays are the only things I manage to keep down, guess my addictions work in my favor 😛 Have fun with your beta test, that’s an awesome stroke of luck!!

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  3. There us something about fresh ink is killer
    I used to love the smell that you got when you open an new album
    Caffeine is another one for me
    Ginseng also
    Chips are a good one
    Fruit, ceral,
    Dried cranberries
    Ice cream( Creamsicle)

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