Forsaken by WordPress

My comments are still going directly to spam of users who haven’t manually unflagged my comment in WP admin-comments-spam.  Askimet said they couldn’t find a problem, so I gave up.  I do try to connect with all of the people I follow, so if you haven’t gotten a comment from me in a while and haven’t despammed me in the past, and if I haven’t directly harassed you about my comments on your blog not showing up, you might very well have something from me in there.  It’s like finding a $5 bill when you clean out your closet, but not as exciting.  This happens to even the most innocent bloggers, so it is good to check your comment spam periodically if you’re into the whole social part of blogging.


15 thoughts on “Forsaken by WordPress

  1. Kara, thanks for the reminder. I try to check my spam periodically for that very reason—I’ve had comments go directly to spam, and WP’s online setup gives no mention of it. Thankfully I found your comments to my posts. So sorry they’ve been spammed. Hopefully going forward once I approve them, they won’t go there anymore. Thanks again!

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    • Oh gosh, I’m on my phone at the moment. In a normal browser, on the side bar to the left you’ve got your stats, blog posts, etc. Down toward the bottom, there’s a link called wp admin (I think), that takes you to the dark underbelly of WordPress. There should be a link on that sidebar titled “comments”. That takes you to all comments made on your blog. Within that section, in the header, are two other links: spam and trash. I’m not sure I’m totally right, but pretty close. They definitely don’t make it easy to find! I think I have commented on at least one of your posts, so you might have a surprise waiting for you. 😉

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  2. Can’t believe this is still happening to you. I find all sorts of random comments from people I’ve approved before in there, though not as much lately (usually legit spam). Boolame on whomever keeps knocking the good stuff into the trash!

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    • It’s a stinker, for sure. It’s difficult to say “hey, I like you, you’re cool” when the spamlords have me on mute. If I feel comfortable jumping on the person when they comment on my blog, I do it (I jumped you :p). But then I think “does it really matter? …. what if they think I’m a selfish jerk who doesn’t read what they write?” What I mean to say, is I like to reach out to people and reciprocate, but WP is an asshole lol

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