Adequately Scientific Animal Name Memes

Ugh, dudes.  Insomnia is a danger floof.  I haven’t felt this crazy since someone put 10 grams of magic mushrooms into my strawberry yogurt smoothie.  For reference, that’s enough to divorce your ego four times over.  It’s a trip.  Thankfully, all of nature’s marvelous creatures are here to keep me company.  Stolen from image search, and presented to you in high resolution 2D, I give you animal names gone insomniesque.

























I would like to make a correction: Sea Flap Flap, and Majestic Sea Flap Flap should have their names reversed.  For science!



8 thoughts on “Adequately Scientific Animal Name Memes

  1. Well, that was a trip, if a mildly dysphoric one. A form of mania brought on by lack of sleep, no doubt. Thank you for this, though. After a night of alternating sweats and chills–I’m sure you know the one–my sweet service dog came by to check on me just at dawn, just as I was drifting off–and accidentally sliced my throat with her razor claws….so I had to get up and do first aid while wailing like a…something very sad.

    Your names are so right-on. It reminds me of the story of Adam, who, immediately after having been created, was sent out into the world to give names to the other created beings. He did so by connecting, resonating/melding with the soul-essence of the being and thus learning its name. And so he named them. You have done something similar here! I love the Cat Snake, the Flap Flaps, the Potatoes, the Sabertooth Death Mouse (the photo kills me….my family property in Western North Carolina is rotten with possums. They love to give you the ugly face this one is giving, in hopes that you will be frightened and go away. I just think it’s hilarious and crack up. They are disappointed, and skulk away.)

    From one insomniac to another….I hope you get some sleep…..

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    • I’m sorry you’re sickly and not sleepin’ well either. Come on over, and I’ll share some sleepy tea with you.☕

      I had a tiny sabertooth deathmouse named duddits. He would let himself out of his cage at night, and occasionally I’d wake up with a possum sleeping on me. The first time I flipped out because I wasn’t expecting it. It took me two days to find him after I threw him off with a blanket and scared the crap out of both of us. Haha. I knew someone who fostered orphaned wildlife. She brought two young possums into my workplace, and they were as sweet as could be. I guess that’s what happens when they aren’t afraid…they turn into agreeable lumps of fur with a freaky tail.


      • They are actually sweet pets if you get the little marsupials when they’re babies. Not as rowdy as raccoons! We had one that came in through the cat door and ate his food all the time. I came in and scared him and he ran into the bathroom and tried to hide behind the toilet. It took both my husband and I to shoo him into a box. We put him back outside and when I went out again he was in the breezeway, on his way back in! He made his ugly possum face and hissed at me. I jumped so high I about hit my head on the ceiling! But he didn’t come back after that. We scared each other good!

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  2. Right now I’d take em all over the invasion of fish flies we have here. It happens every year for a week or so, but this year, they seem worse and you can hear them buzzing all day and all night. I miss my Nope Rope and my Spiky Floof but just to clarify I never put them together 😛

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    • Are those like Mayflies? We had those by the thousands when I stayed at Lake Erie. Couldn’t open my mouth while riding my bike, otherwise it’d be full of bugs. MMmm mmm, good.

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      • Yup I believe it’s the same thing. It’s gotten to the point up in town they are using tractors to clear the dead piles of em out of the street. I wouldn’t even dare go for a bike ride LOL Funny how some lakes have em in droves and others not at all.

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