It’s My Party and I’ll Dye If I Want To

I don’t like to make a fuss about my birthday.  In fact, four years in a row, my in-laws were staying with us on my birthday and the first two years, they didn’t realize it was a “special” day for me until after the fact.  We always did what manchild’s harpy Mom wanted to, and even when she was aware, I didn’t have a choice in the day’s activities regardless.  I generally give less than two fucks about my birthday to avoid disappointment, except for this year.  This year I will give three fucks.  I have a cake picked out (orange crush cake with chocolate frosting instead of glaze) and I got myself some markers, colored pencils, and big kid coloring books so I can practice staying inside the lines.  Presents to myself for surviving another year.  Manchild got a few things for me, even though I told him not to.  I’ve been shaking the boxes to test my detective skills.  I do believe he bought me a pair of shit-kickers.  A large, heavy shoe box that thunks when I shake it?  Gotta be boots.


For the markers…


For my mouth – Three sticks of butter and three cups of sugar?  Oh baby.  Come to mama!

Also, after much debate, both internal and with manchild, I’ve decided to color my hair fuchsia again.  I can’t find a rulebook that states “Do not dye your hair bright colors after age 30”, so there you have it.


If my brace comes in before the end of Friday, The boy and I are planning to go to the Annapolis Irish Festival.  Beer for him, wine for me, food, and live music.  Admission is free for all military peeps plus one guest on July 15th, my birfday!  I’m at least 1/8th Irish, 1/4 cookie monster, and 1/2 fish.

23 thoughts on “It’s My Party and I’ll Dye If I Want To

  1. You should have as much cake as you want
    since my stomach has been acting up
    I’ve have stop eating what I want when I want it
    If I can’t have food then fuvk it
    I hate being in pain
    But if I can’t eat too watch out
    It’s bad enough I gave up cigarettes
    But no way food

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    • The trick is to eat stuff that’s so tasty, the pain is worth it…like cake 🙂

      Congrats on quitting the smokes and staying quit! I think tobacco was the most difficult thing for me to give up. I’m still working on kicking the nicotine lozenges, but I figure it’s better for me than smoking.

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  2. I agree with Sheldon eat all the cake you want gurl…
    Oh I love to try and figure out what gifts are..sometimes that is better than the gift lolol..
    LOVE the hair color looks great on ya gurly gurl…

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    • I’m terrible…he keeps yelling “get outta there!” when he catches me snooping. You’re right, it is more fun to try to figure out what the gift is than actually opening it and knowing. Thanks Suzette!

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    • Thank ya ma’am! I can land planes with my head now!

      Hmmm, I know as many people who love the orange/chocolate combo as those who hate it. I haven’t thought about why I like it, until now. You exercise my brain 😉 So, I think the tartness of the orange helps balance out the sweetness of the chocolate…therefore, I can eat more of it before I feel sick. I also like cranberries in chocolate. and cherries. and crystallized ginger. raspberries. Hell, anything. I’d cover peas in chocolate and eat that.

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  3. Rock on! Love the new doo, I don’t want to live in a world where people can’t dye their hair bright colors at any age. Fingers crossed your braces come and you are able to get into some shenanigans on your birthday!

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  4. Yay for you and Happy Birfday! I’m like you, meh….not as interested in “celebrating” my birthday. I’ll just be 36 again.
    Love the hair! I keep debating if I should dye mine lavender, but it’s a lotta hair!

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    • Thanks! My hair is down past my shoulder blades. With a little help, I had it all covered in about 10 minutes. It’ll fade to pink in about 4 weeks, then be completely gone by 8 weeks. It leaves pink shit all over everything, but manic panic is very gentle – sort of conditions my hair and makes it shiny, so the mess is okay with me. It all washes out eventually. I think you’d look smashing with purple hair! You’ve got my vote 🙂

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