From Booty to Family Drama

This week was a bit of a stinker, but I’ll save most of my complaints for later.  I broke out my mega-giant pill planner (each section can hold 12 prenatal vitamins, x4 compartments for each day) with the hope that I’d start taking my supplements again, yet when I look at the quantity of what I’d be taking each day if I were to include all of the supplements I took before my stomach went rogue, I don’t know that there’s actually enough room in my stomach!  I also know for a fact that they exacerbate the nausea, so even though the planner is filled and ready to go, and has been for three days, I haven’t touched it.  I eat my gummy vitamins every morning and that’s it.  I don’t absorb most of what goes into my mouth, thus making it seem futile to even try, but if it helps a little bit, it’s worth it.  Nothing beats MVI’s, which I’ll be doing again very soon.

My husband decided to birthday me after work, and I was right.  He got me boots!


Plus another polka-dot dress.  I’ve got one in burgundy with black dots, and now this.  Both will look great with my new shit-kickers!  I’m not a fan of wearing dresses, but there’s a time and place for them and it’s nice to have options.  I had a hell of a time getting the boots on because my toes kept folding downward and I nearly broke them off trying to get my feet in, but after much jamming and a tiny bit of patience, I got ’em in.  Taking them off is much easier.  They seem to be comfortable enough, though it’s difficult to tell one way or another when you can’t feel your feet. 😉

My Mom sent me an SOS text a bit ago…


It’s tragically funny.  She has been putting up with him for 36 years.  At least I got to escape when I was 17.  She may end up spending her birthday with me for a second year in a row.  As you may know, she had a brain aneurysm in 2000 and has residual neurological problems like severe anxiety, raging RLS, nerve damage to her right eye, balance issues (like mother, like daughter), and piss poor short term memory.  She remembers the strangest stuff and has a tendency to forget the things that are important.  All the while, she has lived with a man who constantly tells her she’s stupid and/or faking it.  “She could remember stuff if she really wanted to.”  Her stress level is obscenely high because she has to live with that asshole.  She stayed with me quite a bit last summer to help me get to appointments while my ankle was healing.  Guess what?  She did so much better when she got out of that toxic environment.  She lost weight because she wasn’t stress eating, and she even remembered things I didn’t!  I mean, it was still obvious that her brain isn’t quite right, but I think when she isn’t around a person who constantly second guesses her, everything operates just a little bit smoother and she’s a whole lot happier.

Her predicament is that Dad will want to come with her, because he’s like a wart that can’t be removed.  If he can’t behave himself and play nice, he isn’t invited.  I told her to tell him his birthday gift to her this year will be his absence.  He mopes because no one likes him, and no one likes him because he’s a dick.  If he hates being hated, perhaps he should work on his people skills, but it’s much easier to be the victim.

14 thoughts on “From Booty to Family Drama

  1. Oh, your boots are bitchen! You can’t feel your toes at all?? Yikes. You must have trouble walking for multiple reasons, then 😦 Your boots are still bitchen. I bet they really rock with that dress! Picture, pretty please…and oh, it must be your birthday if you got your presents! Happy birthday 🍦🍰🍧🍸💫🌠!

    Your poor mom. I hope she comes and stays with you, and gets away from old sour-puss for a while anyway. I don’t know why people choose that path, to be nasty to the people they supposedly love. My mother did that to my father right up until he died. She used to stop him from singing, telling him he couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. Funny thing about that, he and I used to sing together all the time when she wasn’t around! He had a very pleasing baritone voice. Grrrr. I’ll stop now 😆

    So what else?

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    • Thanks! It’s officially tomorrow, but he couldn’t wait. Yup, totally numb. Senseless pain is all I feel. On the plus side, stubbing my toes doesn’t hurt anymore.

      I don’t know why she’s still with him. My husband is many things, but nasty isn’t one of them. I refuse to tolerate that. I guess she figures he’ll be gone soon enough, and if she leaves him while he’s still alive, she’ll feel responsible when he self-destructs. I’ll probably feel bad for minimizing my contact with him, but people can only put up with so much abuse before they need a nice long break.

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      • Don’t feel bad. You’re taking care of yourself. It’s our responsibility to protect ourselves from poisonous substances and people. We can self-destruct via much more pleasant pursuits 😉 or preferably just enjoy life without our toxic DNA donors.

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    • Thanks, me too! I lucked out. I had those boots on my Christmas wishlist and removed them because, ouch, expensive. He remembered, and has no problem buying the ‘ouch expensive’ stuff. 🙂

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  2. Just curious, how much does that pair of boots weigh? More like ankle weights than boots. I’m not sure I could lift my feet while wearing those boots. Yes, I’m raining on your parade, because I’m picturing you scrubbing the kitchen floor in those stylish boots. However, I recall a time when I bought a pair of red cowboy boots, loved them, but hardly ever wore them. In other words, can’t you just look at them? Do you have to wear them? 🙂

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    • Haha! They weigh 2.85 pounds for the pair, which isn’t too bad. I will definitely sound like a clopping pony when I walk on hard surfaces, and ideally they’ll keep me from rolling my ankles, even if it means falling on my face 😆

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  3. I love your boots – I’ve got them too 😉
    They’re expensive but they last for years, and they get supple and easier to wear as they age. I like the tread on mine, they feel safe walking in.
    My other half sometimes forgets my birthday. I’m glad he treated you. Sorry to hear about the sore toes.

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