The week’s end

I’ve been a little emotional, and why not?  I’m an emotional creature and not just because I’m a woman.  I think all of the crazy shit going on in the world makes me want to gather up all of the people I love and stuff them into my pockets to keep them safe.  Since I can’t do that, I figure I can at least tell them how I feel and tell them frequently.

I was so unbelievably tired yesterday that I nixed our travel plans, and opted for a night in.  Wine, Ice Cream bars, and Deadpool.  No complaints here!  We’re leaving for Chesapeake Beach in about an hour to troll the streets, most likely in the rain, and then get some foofy drinks and churros at the Mexican restaurant.  I fucking LOVE churros.

My Mom will be arriving tomorrow, and I’m not sure how long she plans to stay.  She called me last night to wish me a happy birthday and to thank me for leaving her vagina quickly (oh god, mom. ewwww!).  She told Dad that I contacted HER and requested she come to celebrate our birthdays without boys.  So now my Dad thinks I hate him.  My Mom is a frickin’ liar!  She grounded me for that shit when I was a kid.  Hmph.

Even though she’s misbehaving, I decided to postpone cake so we can celebrate together and see what a cake with 100 candles looks like.  It better be a big one!  Mom drives me nuts because she never shuts up, but she’s also fun, so I’m looking forward to it.  I told manchild if he’s really lucky, she’ll cook for him and he might get a break from corndogs.

8 thoughts on “The week’s end

  1. Oooo Douchecaboose…. that has to go into rotation now! Anyways…. Sounds like even though you’re in the dog house with your dad, it’s gonna be a blast when your mom gets there and you guys can celebrate! Sometimes it’s necessary for us gals to outnumber the guys anyhow.

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