The Ten Commandments of Pooping


  1. Thou shall shut the door
  2. Thou shall turn on the exhaust fan
  3. Thou shall courtesy flush in the case of doozies
  4. Thou shall pamper thy asshole with wet wipes
  5. Thou shall flush until bowl is clear
  6. Thou shall clean the seat if soiled
  7. Thou shall replace the toilet paper roll when needed
  8. Thou shall wash hands
  9. Thou shall make judicious use of air freshener spray
  10. Thou shall allow no less than three minutes between flushing and opening the door

Dedicated to my husband, who is trying his damnedest to asphyxiate me.  Close the door, you savage!

13 thoughts on “The Ten Commandments of Pooping

  1. Poopouri works wonders! So much so that we gifted it (and a product called ‘fresh balls’) to all of Mr. Mango’s and my brothers for Christmas last year. We are no longer afraid to go visit 😛

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    • LOL…fresh balls. I need an Oust bomb to throw into manchild’s hampers. I sorted through his dirty stuff to make it easier for him. Uuuuugh, I had to wash my hands twice after I got done handling the festering rot. He stuffed the hampers so full, that all of the clothes got compressed and didn’t breathe or dry out. If I could find the barf emoji, I’d use at least 5 of them. Men!

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