Too Unlucky To Gamble

Interesting tidbit of bowel information: functional gut disorders like IBS allegedly go to sleep when we do.  This is why nocturnal diarrhea can be considered an alarm symptom (caused by something that’s more likely structural or infectious).

I admittedly don’t know many people with IBS, and those I do know aren’t as keen on sharing their bathroom habits as the IBD crew seems to be.  I can’t say for a fact that people with IBS-d don’t find themselves stumbling to the bathroom frequently during the night, so if this is a fallacy, please forgive me.

I supposedly have IBS, but I was diagnosed with Crohn’s first.  With so much overlap, who the hell knows if it’s the Crohn’s or IBS that sends rocket fuel out of my rear end up to 30 times a day if the conditions are right, or if I even have IBS at all.  I probably do since at least half of the people with IBD also have IBS.

What I do know is I’m afraid to fall asleep because I’m sharing a bed with my husband, and ‘gambling’ and losing next to/on someone is far more mortifying than having it happen solo, even if he does sort of deserve it.  Unless it’s preceded by “I love you so much I could poop.”  I guess that makes it okay.


26 thoughts on “Too Unlucky To Gamble

  1. Hmmm interesting visual there 😉 … I was diagnosed with IBS years ago, along with a raft of allergy tests and a dork of a dietician, the powers that be decided i ‘couldn’t be helped’ … according to them, i was doing everything i should be but wasn’t getting any better … to be fair though, not a lot was known about IBS then, and if anything, they just thought it was ‘all in the head’ pfft. I was prescribed anti depressants!! LOL. Aside from needing to go for a shit almost always, and being to scared to be more than 5 metres away from an unoccupied toilet, I’d say the ‘sleep’ theory may be correct … BUT, I had insomnia too … soooooo???!!! …. oh and as it turned out, after they shoved all sorts of lethal contraptions up my asshole and down my throat (not in that order, or the same hose!) … I had ulcers … yah, win win situation for me I guess 🙂

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    • Ha! Seems a little less IBS’y, and a whole lot more enteritis’y. Ulcers are always significant. It seems like they still want to blame IBS on depression/anxiety. I was originally diagnosed with IBS after I moved. The stress of moving made me super sick and I was going 25+ times a day/night. “Stress doesn’t make Crohn’s worse, it must be IBS”. Huh, I beg your pardon? Like hell it doesn’t. Doctors man, I tell ya!

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      • You should be a doctor you know that ay LOL … never heard of the enteritis thing, but after googling … I’m in the know! And sounds about right! Stress! Hell yes it does some extremely weird and wonderful things to the bod! …. so you have IBS and Crohns still?? Or ‘just’ Crohns? (That sounds a tad ironic in the same sentence doesn’t it hmm)

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        • I’d consider it if my brain weren’t mush! I’ve been told I have IBS in addition to Crohn’s, so I guess I’ve got the irritable butt syndrome too. I think they just pick random things out of a textbook and say “tag! you’re it!”

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  2. I have fructose malabsorption and IBS, or just FM, who knows, the symptoms are the same but the test came back positive for the fructose. I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night unless I’m having a fitful nights sleep. I do have my d mostly under control with diet (low FODMAP). but when it was bad, it was BAD. Once I woke up and thought, what is that smell! and it was me! But turns out I was sick. Very sick.
    So I think what you said about IBS and sleep is probably dead on.

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    • I’m on the Low FODMAP diet by default, at least mostly. No farty vegetables, legumes, or gluten. The gluten made the biggest difference for me, but it took me years to admit to it because I love all things wheat. Even now, I’m not a die-hard gluten avoider, but I can definitely notice an unpleasant change when I do eat stuff containing normal flour.


  3. So far only been diagnosed with IBS…. though I’m pretty sure they’re assuming there’s something else…lurking in there now. In the past issues would only plague me at night if I ate something in the nono list or if I was ill, but over the last couple years, time of day really hasn’t mattered. My gut doesn’t care about me catching my zzzz. Maybe that’s why I NEED to sleep on the side of the bed with the door :S

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    • You have vasculitis, right? That was one of the things on my ddx when they were trying to figure out why my guts are full of holes. I think ischemia can cause some pretty serious gut problems, and there’s even something extraordinary, simply called “Lupus Enteritis” (versus Crohn’s regional enteritis). So, it’s good they’re taking a look. Steroids work great for that sort of thing. Lord help the menfolk when their women are on a steroid binge 😆

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      • Yes vasculitis can be a sneaky sucker when it comes to pretty much anything from head to toe, and a lot of doctors don’t consider it to be a cause of symptoms. Steroids are definitely the next course of action pretty much no matter what they find if it’s caused by anything autoimmune related. At least the roid rage will be able to compete with the manchild tantrums that occur on occasion!

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  4. I can’t remember but did you have a biopsy for Celiac Disease? Just a blood test won’t cut it, there are too many false results. It has to be confirmed/denied with a biopsy. Living with Celiac is no picnic. Sometimes I’m not sure what came first the Celiac or everything else because it’s been linked to EVERYTHING even Bipolar Disorder. I have a lot of Cognitive/Neurological issues that will probably never go away because of it. My twin has the stomach side of things. Like going to pass gas quietly in the corner of a crowded room at my nephew’s Scout meeting and pooping her pants. It’s hard sometimes not to laugh. The hair loss, muscle wasting, pigmentation changes, early menopause, and a lot of other stuff I could without. Good luck! And apple cider vinegar cures everything! lol

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    • Celiac disease was my initial diagnosis, as the blood tests were positive. I did have an endoscopy with biopsy, but that was negative. Only one biopsy was taken though. I’m definitely gluten sensitive, however, the consensus is that I don’t have celiac disease. I think gluten intolerance is fairly common with Crohn’s disease as well. Fun, fun, fun!

      Oh! I’ve left a couple of comments on your posts, but I think they went straight to spam. WP dislikes me. 😉

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      • That is so odd. I’ve seen lately in my comments section that there were 15 waiting but were marked as spam. And I don’t know what the hell they did when my posts go to Twitter but Twitter suspended me! lol Not that I really care about Twitter, I’ve had issues with them before. I also looked at one of my blogs and underneath it was supporting something from PornHub!!! Sometimes with the Celiac biopsy, if it isn’t taken in the right place it shows up negative. I love the medical profession.

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      • My niece had Ulcerative Colitis when she was around 8. When I could hear her screaming in the bathroom I would have to leave and find a place to cry. They told my brother she would have to live with a colostomy bag. They took her to several more doctors until they found one that did surgery and she is a beautiful healthy pain in the but 19 year old.

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        • I’m glad to hear she’s doing well! My brother has UC and he was so so sick until he had a total colectomy. He’s doing so much better now. Having an ileostomy has been a huge relief for him, ya know, after he got used to it. He got his life back. He still has some minor symptoms even though he no longer has a colon, and from what I understand, it’s possible he also has Crohn’s. All things considered, he’s doing great and I’m jealous. lol

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          • They did have to remove a large portion of my nieces intestine/colon? It’s one area I’m not as educated on. lol She is symptom free and doesn’t have to take medications for it. On the other hand she started self-harming and drinking at 15 and the Doctors think she may be Bipolar. Her sister is the same but instead of alcohol used heroin. I’m pretty sure her sister isn’t Bipolar she has a lot of traits that just do not fit. I tried to help with both of them but their parents made things worse. Family! I hope you start to feel better soon. I have found a miracle cure for my stomach. Apple cider vinegar. Did way more than any Doctor!

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