The ABC’s of Crohn’s Disease

Most people I know have a basic understanding of what living with Crohn’s Disease might be like, but that’s only because they’ve been around me and have asked lots of questions.  Other people have likely at least heard of Crohn’s Disease, even if they confuse it with IBS (honest mistake, IBS is just as capable of making a person miserable).  Awareness campaigns through CCFA, patient activists, and of course TV advertisements for Humira have turned a rare disease into something more widely recognized.

Crohn’s is a systemic disease, so no part of the body is spared.  I tried to explain this to my husband’s grandmother at one point, but she thought I made up the word “systemic”.  Sometimes I forget that not everyone is a doctor in training.  😉

Here’s my demented Sesame Street take on Crohn’s Disease.  This isn’t a complete list (but wait, there’s more!), just things I’ve experienced during my long, complicated dance with Crohn’s.


A is for – Abscesses, Anxiety, and abdominal pain

B is for – Blood; anemia, nutritional deficiency, hematochezia

C is for – Canker sores (in mouth AND nose), Colitis, and constipation (yes, it can happen with Crohn’s)

D is for – Diarrhea and Depression

E is for – Endoscopy

F is for – Fever, Fatigue, and Fissures

G is for – Gastritis and Gastroparesis (I know of at least two others who have Crohn’s and GP)




H is for – Hypoglycemia and Hepatitis

I is for – Infections, Ileitis, and Inflammation

J is for – Joint Pain/Arthritis

K is for – Kidney stones

L is for – Lactose Intolerance and Loss of Appetite



M is for – Migraines, Malabsorption, and Myalgia

N is for – Night sweats

O is for – Obstructions and Osteoporosis

P is for – Prednisone, Peptamen, Pericarditis

Q is for – Poor Quality of life

R is for – Rectal exams and rashes

S is for – Strictures and Somnolence

T is for – NG Tubes

U is for – Ulcers, Uveitis, and urgency

V is for – Vomiting and Volatile farts




W is for – Weight loss

X is for – Xeroxed medical records

Y is for – Yearly colonoscopies (or more)



Z is for – Zebra (EDS can share it’s animal mascot!)

And now you know why 2/3’s of sane doctors will run in the opposite direction when they see me coming!  One final message from your hostess:


“Fuck you, Crohn’s!”, circa 2014 – Cherub face compliments of steroids


2 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Crohn’s Disease

  1. Good one! Fucking hot weather. I’m so bloated, I’ve been wearing baggy clothes. Can’t find anything to eat that doesn’t cause my guts to go into knots of pain. Try explaining that to other campers, who are all out hiking, swimming, sun and fun -ing it up….”and what did YOU do today?” “Oh, I had a great time, you know…just me and my very own toilet! Yeah!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ugh, summer. Our AC just died not more than two hours ago. Perfect timing! I think it’s supposed to be 115 with heat index tomorrow. Woohoo! 😥


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