Puppy Time!

Allow me to introduce you to some very special friends of mine.



Edgar, Summer, and Hank!  My godpuppies, if such a thing exists.  125 pounds of fun, fur, and drool.  No matter where you tell them to sit and wait, they always line up in the same order.  Summer in the middle, Hank to her left, and Edgar to her right.  They’re her bouncers.  They were all rescues, and are poster pooches for how awesome rescues can be.


Summer is a lab mix and is a sweetheart, but is usually a little bashful and fearful of people she hasn’t met before.  Or so I was warned.  Within 5 minutes of meeting her for the first time, she was attempting to crawl into my lap.  She’s a kindred spirit. 😉


Hank the hound….oh, Hank.  Look at those eyes.  Gaaaah!  I’m melting.  Mr. Soulful.  He’s the most laid back out this bunch and is also the oldest, so he tends to put the smack down on the youngsters when they get too rowdy.


And finally, Mr. Poe.  This guy is all wiggles and grins.  He’s a pit mix and is a ball of infinite energy.  When I watched these crazy animals for a week, he was the alarm clock.  He jumped up on the bed, and tried his best to lick my brain through my ear hole.  Wet willies at 6am!  Fantastic.


Don’t leave!



8 thoughts on “Puppy Time!

    • 😀

      Edgar almost came to live with me last year when his human moved – the landlord was only going to allow two dogs, but eventually caved. Having that bouncy bat dog around would have made things very interesting/complicated.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Always! He’s a rascal. I need more puppy time. My friend in Blowhio fostered a momma dog who had 8 puppies and she has been posting pictures and videos of them for two months. It’s killin’ me!


      • Thought so. He has that gangsta look about him.

        Oh no, eight orphan puppies….😣 that must be tugging at your puppy strings

        You know I’m a sucker for those puppers…I actually bought another Malligator pup! Then I awoke from my puppy induced trance and realized there is no way in hell that I could raise another lil gangsta in this sardine can I live in, with a sick but still rambunctious 75 lb Mally-wally girl. I had to sell him to a cop who is raising him as his K-9 partner. Not a bad thing, but I think I learned my lesson 😞💔

        Good that you get to borrow some puppers now and then, but it must be awful to say goodbye…


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