Positive PR For Manchild


My husband doesn’t get much love around here, so my regular creepers may be under the impression that he’s a dud.  Let me assure you, he’s completely worth the frustration, and more.  I do my ranting here so I can be a decent companion and keep the bitching to a minimum when he and I are together.  He thanks you very much for listening to me so he doesn’t have to.

Here’s a small sampling of some of the things that make him the coolest husband ever.

  • He can out-weird me.
  • We are both so quick-witted that when we hang out with other people, our jokes are often not understood until they’re thoroughly explained.  It’s almost as though we function on a separate plane from everyone else, or speak our own language.
  • His sense of humor is as wacky as mine.
  • He’s my sarcasm equal.
  • We’re extremely perceptive of each other’s emotions – we know how the other is feeling without a word being spoken.
  • He wears dress blues from time to time.  It’s HOT.  Man, I miss Monday blues.  He doesn’t.
  • He has a brain, and when he uses it, he’s a force to be reckoned with.
  • He would move mountains for me if it were necessary for my survival.  In real life context, this means he’s one hell of a healthcare advocate.
  • He buys food for me, even though food shopping is his least favorite thing to do.  He’d rather be a drug test monitor and watch dicks swing all day than go grocery shopping, but he lurves me.
  • When we reconnected, he told me he wasn’t able to keep a long-term relationship going because he couldn’t find anyone like me (we dated for a year in high school – apparently I made an impression.  Or traumatized him).
  • He isn’t afraid to tell me when something I’m wearing looks like shit (not in those words…it’s more like “…do you have anything else you could wear instead?”), so I know he’s telling the truth when he says I look fine.  This may seem like a weird thing to consider an attribute, but I appreciate it.
  • He handles PMS monster with admirable equanimity.
  • He’s not Donald Trump.
  • Most importantly, we love each other enough to fight for our marriage when things get tough and we’re convinced we hate each other.



No relationship is perfect and they sure as hell aren’t effortless.  It’s too easy to focus on all of the things that bother you about a person and forget the number of things you love about them far outnumber the things you don’t.  It’s also easy to fall out of love with someone if both people in the relationship aren’t constantly working to maintain it, but if you fell in love with the person once, it can happen again with enough TLC.  I fall in love with this dorky guy a little more each day and I can’t imagine having a better partner in crime.

15 thoughts on “Positive PR For Manchild

  1. So glad you won the real lotto for moms and mates! And very glad to hear MC is your in repartée; I can stop feeling sorry for the guy at the pointed end of the zinger generator you have in your head!

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    • Hooray and ouch! I hope they gave you the good stuff to get through recovery.

      Haha, the pity is sometimes warranted. He has his outbursts, and I have mine. The difference being that he tends to take the passive-aggressive approach because he’s a guy, and I’m a woman with vocal cords and a mouth.


  2. Love it! Two things no one seems to get, how much work it is to stay in love (but work that is so worth it) and that you need to be able to vent somewhere but you have to choose wisely (your mother in law or best friend are not good choices). Sounds like you’ve got everything you need and more and the both of you know exactly what it takes to stay happy 🙂

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