There Goes Her Mind Again


I’ve got so many running crochet and knitting projects going, I feel a great need to finish them all.  I’ve been at it since May, doing a little here and there.  Recently, it’s every waking hour I’m not busy doing something else.

My wrists began aching at night, then I got shooting pain in my fingers, and then my thumbs started to seize up.  I know what’s causing it!  Too much knitting.  Too much crochet.  I should take a break.  It’s what a person who doesn’t have a yarn obsession would do.  It’s what a sane person would do.  It’s cool.  I can do that.

So, I announced that I’d stop doing my woven crafts for a while because I think if I continue, my hands will have to be removed.  Husband says, “uh, okay.”  Husband doesn’t really care.  Husband is trolling Craigslist for a bicycle.

This was a week ago.  I see two infinity scarves, a monster, and a hugeass fuzzy blanket that all need to be completed.  It makes me fidget and twitch.  I could hide them out of view, but instead I pick one of ’em up and start working on it again.  I spent four hours crocheting while watching Veronica Mars, even though my left thumb won’t move anymore.  It’s literally just dead and sitting there, wishing it could do thumby things, like grasp the handle of a mug, or give Veronica Mars two thumbs up with the help of it’s right-sided friend.  Instead, VM  barely gets one thumb up.  Sorry!


This is me announcing, yet again, that I’m taking a break!  I can hardly type, and not being able to type at all would be terrible, so I’m going to put the yarn, needles, and hooks AWAY.  Under the bed.  My poor little paws and wrists must heal.  If I happen to mention that I did any knitting or crocheting in a post within the next week, please please please call me on it.  I need your help!  I need accountability!  Save me from myself!  I’m weak!


12 thoughts on “There Goes Her Mind Again

    • My aunt has been knitting for years, and doesn’t seem to have any problems. I guess we got lucky. 😉

      I have seen gloves that are made to help keep the hands relaxed while knitting, but who knows if they actually work. I’m assuming it’s tendinitis, and the more the tendons get inflamed, the nerves around them start getting smooshed too- a brace probably isn’t a bad idea, especially for my most angry dominant hand. Thanks for the input!


  1. oh darling you do have it bad. I was just thinking I need to take up a hobby like that. Some needle work. I can crochet a little. Very little, but how can I get good at it if I don’t try harder?
    Then I read this and I think….maybe I shouldn’t even think about this.
    I can’t even color without my hands and neck screaming.
    I draw way past the point of pain.

    Wait, Kara! I see you thinking about getting out the yarn! Stop right there!
    Give yourself a break!

    Now, where is my sketch book?

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    • You caught me, Wendy! I’ve been eyeballing my unfinished blanket all morning!

      I say go ahead and give it a try. As long as you take frequent breaks, it shouldn’t be too bad. I have crochet hooks with big rubber handles, and that helps if you have cramping.

      I’m going to have to use my interval timer when I start up again. 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off. I get so into it, that I lose track of time. This wasn’t an issue in the beginning because I was still learning, and taking it slow. Now I’m a weaving machine who seems to have run out of hydraulic fluid. 🙂

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      • Love your imagery!
        I just may give it a try. I get so discouraged when I don’t know how to do something as soon as I start. After all shouldn’t I always be an expert?
        Maybe I’ll become a weaving machine some day. 🙂

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