Blogger Recognition Award


Nikki from Undiagnosed Warrior nominated me for a blogger recognition award.  I’ve been following her for over a year and she has gone through an army of doctors and undergone many many tests, while trying to find a diagnosis for her life altering symptoms.  From an informational standpoint, she does an amazing job of explaining all of the tests she has had done, with detail and illustrations, so someone else having the same test in the future will know what to expect.  She is also brutally honest about how it feels, both emotionally and physically, to live with chronic illness while constantly being passed around between specialists, or being told it’s in her head (I know this feeling well).  Thanks for the shout out, Nikki!


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Write a post and display the award.

3. Share in your post a brief history of how your blog started.

4. Give advice to new bloggers.

5. Nominate other bloggers you feel deserve the award.

6. Let each blogger know that you have nominated them.


The Birth of Polishing Dookie:

Before this blog, I was an anti-social food blogger.  Learning how to cook from scratch changed my life for the better – until my then undiagnosed illnesses crossed over into nightmare mode.  I was sick, my marriage was failing (I should write a post about this in the future), and I didn’t know what to do about any of it – so I created this space to purge all of the nastiness that was bouncing around in my head.  Between blogging, driving aimlessly, and hours of actual therapy, I made it through one of the most difficult periods of my life.  Last year I had a taste of the single life while my husband was eating fried silk worms in S. Korea and that’s when Polishing Dookie really came to life.  It’s a chronic illness blog.  It’s a blog dedicated to powering through the difficulties in various relationships.  It’s about gaming, music, and pop culture.  It’s about art, creativity, and atypical thinking.  It’s about finding humor in unlikely places and flipping off the Universe for being a dickweed.  It’s about community and connecting with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met.  Polishing Dookie is me “making the best of the shit I’ve got”.

My advice to “new” bloggers:

Read my posts, then use them as a guide of what not to do. 😉

The only rule I have for myself is attempting to limit myself to one post per day.  I often break this rule, so I guess it’s more of a guideline.  I enjoy visiting all of my blog buds’ posts and comment if I’m moved to to so (which automatically goes into spam if the person hasn’t de-spammed me – damn yous, WordPress!)


Broken Down Body

It Could Be Worse

Sickly Stardust vs. Everything

Chronically Kmads

Crohn’s & the Real Girl

Kelly Alive

I’d also like to open this to anyone else who wants to participate.  It’s a free-for-all!

As always, thanks for reading!  Hugs and party slugs.





17 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Rules, schmules! Your blog is you. Write what you feel like writing about. Personally, I like it. The humor is what gets me, every time. Of course, it’s always fun to find out more about the bloggers you follow!

    Congrats on the award!

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  2. In the years that I’ve been learning to cook for myself, I’ve learned that I’m not very good at it. Case in point: I tried your pizza crust recipe. It didn’t go well. In fact, I had to throw the whole thing away. Not the first time that’s happened. Could be because I didn’t have any wheat germ. But, I finally found it at Walmart (with a little help from a nice employee), so today, I think I’m going to try to make some sandwich buns with wheat germ. Hopefully, they’ll turn out as good as my Chocolate Joy dessert. 🙂

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    • Oh noooo :(. I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I’d mail you some dough, but I imagine the box would explode in transit and the giant sticky blob will eat all of the postal workers. I don’t know how tasty it would be after that. My problem with baking is my pathological inability to follow a recipe. It usually works out. Other times, like yesterday, I end up with batter explosions.

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  3. Congrats and Mazel Tov to you! What a week, a cleanse (ha!), a photo shoot and a big deal award! Well earned and well deserved. You have a great take on life and all the sh*t that comes along. I’m glad to have found you.

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  4. Tomorrow. It’s not easy to write any advice without thinking “I look like an asshole” and deleting it all… Gah ha ha. Please don’t think that by me being useless, that I’m not grateful. I am super stoked ❤ x

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