(I ❤ MoJo) The Decline of the Dung Beetle

My Dad bought me a two year mail subscription to Mother Jones, though all of their content is available for free online, because he said it seems like something I’d enjoy reading.  Apart from Vegetarian Times, this is the only other magazine I’m subscribed to.  I love it!  Most of it, anyhow.  It’s a progressive political magazine that covers topics such as human rights, culture, and environmental issues.

Most of it is opinion pieces written by a bunch of unwashed, hippie liberals (my kind of people).  Kevin Drum is one of my favorite columnists from MoJo and wrote a pretty impressive, personal piece on Right to Die Laws, which I’ve shared with a couple of special people.  Of course my absolute favorite was his satirical, and valid hypothesis that the reason the divorce rate is so high is because “men are pigs“.  Amen to that.

I’m a little left of center when it comes to politics, for the most part.  It’s not something I normally discuss, because it’s just asking for trouble.  I believe I should be able to marry who I want, regardless of sex.  I believe in having the right to dictate what I do with my body – not what someone else says I should do.  I believe in protecting the environment and all of its inhabitants.  I believe in equality and the rights of the individual.

But I also believe I should be able to have an assault rifle if I want one, because SQUIRRELS.  I got my very first handgun (a CZ 75 P01 tactical) in Alaska, which has pretty lax firearm laws.  Alaska is number 1 in the country for gun related deaths.  It’s not because people are running around shooting other people.  It’s because the extreme conditions – brutal cold and long stretches of darkness, and a very volatile economy increase the rate of suicide drastically.  Since no permit is required to obtain a firearm, most suicides are the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Over 80% of the gun related deaths are suicide.  I know firearm ownership is a polarizing topic, and I certainly believe that purchasers should be thoroughly screened before being allowed to purchase one, but I’ll just say I like my guns and leave it at that.

In my news feed a couple of days ago, there was an article from MoJo covering the topic of shit taking over the planet (of course I’d find this interesting), as a result of the global effects that poaching and anti-parasitic medicines are having on the dung beetle population.  It’s interesting how even the most amazingly beneficial human creations can have such negative future consequences.  Without a healthy population of turd-eaters, the rate of parasitic infections will actually go up, and drug resistance will be more of an issue.  Nature’s way of attempting to reset, thanks to us screwing up homeostasis with our giant brains.  On a long enough timeline, nature always wins.



5 thoughts on “(I ❤ MoJo) The Decline of the Dung Beetle

  1. Poor dung beetle. Sounds like some good reading material though. I hate how when we voice our political opinion we always get stuck in a little box. If we happen to be a hippy liberal it automatically must mean we think no matter what firearms should all be destroyed or if we prefer to own our own gun that we automatically have a death wish for the environment. I’ve never wanted to own a gun (other than the paint variety for speeding snowmobiles and chipmunks) but the Mr. wants a riffle for boar hunting…. as long as it’s safely locked up and has its licence, guess who’s going to be cooking some wild bacon?

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    • I should make t-shirts – save the dung beetles. Heh.

      That reminds me! When we were on our way into YT, we got turned away at the Canadian border because my husband had his 1911 .45 (banned), and .22 rifle (which was allowed). Canada is full of giant, man-eating beasts (at least we’re safe, being women). A .22 won’t even phase a charging moose or bear. Wolves, maybe. The .45 is barely enough. I don’t enjoy not being at the top of the food chain. I guess I’ve changed my opinion on wanting dinosaurs to come back.

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      • Some places in the great Canadian wild having a rifle collection is downright necessary not just a hobby or excuse to play with guns. From protecting crops and property from pests like boars, rabbits and wild turkey to protecting livestock and peoples lives from the variety of large creatures lurking out there (Mr Sasquatch included) a firearms ban would be detrimental to a lot of rural folk. A good screening process to weed out the crazies and the harmfully depressed is what’s needed to keep well behaved owners well stocked and maybe even all the ‘others’ on the way to the treatment they need.

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          • Hahaha…no. The reason I might not be visiting my dear neighboring country would be if a bright orange coloured, toupee topped loon ends up in charge! 😛

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