Proof of Life

1) Big fuzzy blanket, because one minute she’s dripping with sweat, then the next she’s freezing her proverbial balls off.

2) The most pale legs you’ll ever see.

3) Her body has a difficult enough time making the hair on her head grow, so her leg hair grows in rare patches, much like a Chinese Crested…hamster.  She wishes her damn armpits would start going bald.

4) Mug of vegetable stock because today was all kinds of vomitous, biled-butthole awful.  The salt will postpone death so she can live to fight another day.

5) Mismatched socks.  Who the fuck has the energy to find a matching pair?  It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.

6) Cropped lightweight sweatpants, her second skin.  While in these, she considers herself dressed.  Well dressed, even.

A rare creature, shown here in her natural habitat

7) She would like a reprieve.

6 thoughts on “Proof of Life

  1. Read a few years ago at Paul Newman wore mismatched socks on purpose . So does one of my favorite people evah, whose style I woiuld copy 100% if I could get away with it (Sheila, KCTS Im talking about you).
    Just another on the list of cool things about Kara, IOW.

    Palest legs … I think not … I’ve barely been outside since Mother’s Day
    You talk about your large collections of foot/leg edema photos….wanna see mine? Could be comic relief. You HAVE to photo it! I mean look down, normal; next look I am looking at my grandma’s cankle on one foot! Once during discharge from hosp, I threw the sheet aside to see tree trunk edema all the way up to the thigh. Pictures to prove it. See you pale legs and raise you alien bigfoot!

    Never apologize for your writings, which shine with good person! Did you get dialysis? sleep? get turned in to urgent care? Or still doing the cave girl thing ? I use the last.a lot but do not recommend it,esp before the weekend. I know, it’s more tiring and all the questions they ask…! wheelchair in, lie down to answer questions. One of these times a gifted diagnostician will be there for you .

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    • Ooo! Paul Newman! I like his cookies.

      I’m sure your manatee flippers are very impressive! It doesn’t happen to me all that often, only when I have a massive phosphate/sodium shift (or I break my ankle). The only fun part of it is pitting it into the shape of a smily face. Just for you, I’ll have to post a series of foot/leg shots…you weirdo. I love it. 😀

      I did get dialyzed, and have managed a grand total of 4 hours of sleep in the past few days. Shits, spasms, and regurgitations. As for the rest, I was actually typing something up when I saw your comment.

      How are you feelin’?

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  2. I bet you got another pair just like it 😉

    Poor sick puppy, here’s a virtual hug (I doubt either of us could tolerate a real one).

    Why the hell can’t hair get its act together??? I just today noticed I’m growing facial hair (gasp! Where’s the wax!!!!), but my head is going bald just when I have it long enough to make a respectable braid. My leg hair gave up the ghost after being viciously waxed for a couple of decades…except for the gigantic horrid scar places where I got mauled by a Standard Poodle when I was ten…THERE I grow copious wire-like black hair that has to be yanked out with a hemostat. Regular tweezers, it just eats them and spits out the twisted remnants. Disgusting. Armpit hair, also fled the scene. I am a ruthless waxer, enemy of body hair! Hmm, maybe that’s why my hairline is receding, come to think of it…

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