Love When I Need It Most

If you happened to see my mushy Birthday post in which I worshipped my friends that make my life wonderful and complete, then you probably remember Jonathan (the dude standing on a sand dune).

I call him my brother from another mother ship.  He drove all the way from Petersburg to collect me from the hospital last September, because that’s just how cool he is.  He really is one of the most awesome people I know.  It’s rare to find someone as uniquely crass as myself.

I happened to receive a text from him this morning to let me know he’ll be in Maryland for the week (he lives in Florida now).  I assumed this was so I could appropriately time fake-waving at him as he passes me on the beltway.  However, he wants to stop by later in the week to hang out!  He has the pups with him, and I’m so excited I could pee!

Friend time and puppy time!  It’s like the Universe decided to do me a favor for once. 

Did I mention he’s a wildlife biologist? Kismet.

11 thoughts on “Love When I Need It Most

    • This is rant central! Let ‘er rip!

      It’s amazing how little it takes for a complete positive perspective shift. I’m very thankful for my people. 🙂


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