Overcooked Bucatini vs. Overworked Intestines vs. Hoarding Used Books

You might have Crohn’s disease, and a doctor who is a closeted foodie, if he looks at your CT and says, “Your small intestine looks like overcooked bucatini…”


When you eat pasta, observe a moment of silence for my intestines.  Grazie!

Translation: Diffuse bowel wall thickening (edema), narrowed intestinal lumen, and gremlins.  Ey, Maaaario!  Eesa Crohn’s Disease-uh!  It seems the Crohn’s is just too active for the balloon enteroscopy to have done an ounce of good.  I did manage to catch myself a nice little viral infection in the process, though.  Bonus.

Seems like I’ve been here before, seems so familiar, seems like I’m slipping into a flare within a flare. (lyrics altered slightly to fit my purposes) 😉

(P.S. I start prednisone again next week (Remicade is on order (geez, so many parentheticals(I love them))) – get out before it’s too late!)


Gandalf knows what’s up.

(P.P.S. MJK really needs to release a remastered version of the album Opiate.  I can’t even listen to that shit anymore with as tinny as it sounds.  Maynard, get yo’ shit together!)

(P.P.S.P.S? (too much P?)  More IV fluids administered yesterday, and more coming my way tomorrow – kidneys are holding up well)


999 – the Beast on it’s toes

I feel it’s prudent to share one of my less detrimental, yet highly annoying habits.  Books.  I have hundreds of them, half of them I haven’t read, then a quarter of those remaining, I started but didn’t finish because I picked up another book and started to read that instead.  It’s not that I get bored, it’s that I want to read ALL THE BOOKS RIGHT NOW.


I don’t know if this is what they call ADD, or just being a typical scatter brain, but I would assume that a large portion of our household goods shipping weight is a combination of textbooks and pleasure reading material (Manchild has just as many books as I do).  I haven’t been to an actual used bookstore in ages.  There was one in Worthington in an old church that my Mom took me to, and we’d literally spend ALL day there, often times closing the place down.  When I discovered Amazon sells used books from private sellers, it was all kinds of badness.  I’m averaging the addition of five books per month.  At this current rate, plus all of the piles of books already residing next to my bed, on my desk, on the coffee table, and in the bookshelves, I won’t need accelerent when it comes time to cleanse the house with fire.  I won’t even talk about the cookbooks that have completely taken over the kitchen.  I could just go digital, but I’ve voiced my preference for print books many times.

Why am I talking about this?  Well, I’m finally 75% through a book that was recommended to me by a dear friend, and I’ve got three more on the way from internet used book-land.  I gave up on Game of Thrones because the big bearded glacier who wrote them shouldn’t have allowed them to be released on Kindle.  It makes my eyeballs hurt.  With new books on the way, I have to make sure I finish my current read before they arrive.

An anti-self-help book, a collection of Calvin & Hobbes comics, and a book about gender medicine; how women differ from men from diagnosis to treatment, an important and often overlooked variable in medical care.


This is mostly for MC, but it sounds entertaining.  I absorb the self-help genre by osmosis.  I guess this makes me lame.


Who doesn’t love Calvin and Hobbes?  They’re the best!  Fuck Family Circus and Garfield.


I don’t know how enlightening this will be, or if it’ll be a little too ‘heavy’ and dry, but I’m hoping to gain some useful insight from it to share with some of the jerkfaces.  I need to remember to finish my written thoughts on gender bias in medicine.  It’s a doozie.

Tomorrow is surgery day, which means there will be much more reading in my near future.

17 thoughts on “Overcooked Bucatini vs. Overworked Intestines vs. Hoarding Used Books

  1. Oh I’m so relieved that were agree on**little fat snarky pussy-woosies** and, uh, what was that other stupid cartoon? Because Calvin and Hobbs for President, yeah!

    Wow, you have a date with the sturgeon tomorrow??? May the Force be with you, darlin’! Yeah, I know the Man in Blue will be with you, bless his MC self…he’s already a Force, but I’ve come to love him, because he takes care of you.

    I’m glad you are enjoying little Opal…thought you might….

    (My first kitty’s name was: Blackout Diamond Weisenheimer Schulman. I was two. So I think I am related to Opal, and I think you are also related to Opal, so that makes us 13th square cousins 1,0005 times removed. If in doubt, ask Lars Porcena of Clusium.)

    Hope your anesthesiologist is reeeeeelly good to you….and all your surgeon needs to be is GOOD.

    Looking forward to mo’ betta times, Kara-chick!

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    • I did a lot of nodding while reading it – reminds me an awful lot of myself when I was a kid! It’s sad that the average person loses that endless imagination and fascination with nature. Stupid adult reality.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I thought you might relate, just a little. You seem to have managed to keep your love of small creatures and neologisms…a healthy sign, that! I just finished “A Clockwork Orange.” I need to go have coffee with this Burgess veck who wrote it.

        I very much hope you’re sleeping and not reading this! I’ll be sending you good juju. I’m casting a spell in their general direction so that they will see the wisdom of getting that ovary and its accessories over with, finally .


  2. Good luck with the surgery! More reading time sounds wonderful, especially if Calvin and Hobbes are any part of it. I’ve been half way through “bringing metal to the children” for the last 2 months. It is definitely my kind of casual reading, just NOT something to bring out in front of children that can read all the words. Now I’m going to go enjoy my plain penne and broth….. with a whole new appreciation for intestinal shaped pasta.

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    • Thanks! I honestly never made the association between tubular pasta and intestines until he said that. To be fair, it was lunch time. Dude has diabetes and was probably ravenous.

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  3. I’m old. And tired. Maybe I missed the part where you said you decided to have surgery? Is it for your stupid female parts? Or did you get a sex toy stuck somewhere?

    I love books, too. Miss them. But they’re too heavy to move. I don’t know how much money I used to spend on books. Had a whole Stephen King collection. But obviously books don’t appreciate in value. I sold all of mine to a used book store for like $10. It was very sad. But at least someone else will get to read them.

    Sorry you have to go back to the dungeon. I think hospitals should let patients draw on the walls of their rooms. That sounds like fun. I need to learn how to draw a penis. 🙂

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    • Damage control on the girl parts, yup. The snatch quack wanted it done Monday. If the surgeon leaves the bastard in there, I will not be a happy camper. If it can be salvaged, the plan is to leave it. Fuck that. “Just get rid of the fucking thing!” Oh, he he, she must be kidding. MC is pissed off at my insistence to seek and destroy. 50% of his hope to be a shitty Dad will be destroyed.

      Moving is the one thing that makes books suck. Dozens of 70# boxes. No wonder I die a little each time we move. Ever think about rebuilding your collection?

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      • Seems like men haven’t evolved as much as women. I mean, populating the Earth is no longer a good idea. Maybe your hubby should do one of those experiments to see if he’d be a good father — like taking care of an egg for 24 hours a day. Or taking care of a pet (not a goldfish). I think they even have dolls that will cry and pee all the time. Does he know how much diapers cost? Does he want to stop buying things for himself and only buy things for a kid? Tell him that as soon as he saves enough money to send one kid to college, you’ll think about having one.

        I don’t enjoy books like I used to. My pain always gets in the way. It takes a really awesome book (movie, TV show, song) to hold my interest. Seriously, sometimes when I’m watching a movie and there’s a lot of dialogue, I open up another tab and play Just Words while I’m listening. Or work on cropping some more photos. I’ve always gotten bored very easily, but the pain takes that to another level. When I was taking pills, it was easier to stay interested in a book. But it’s different now.

        By the way, I watched two episodes of Grace and Frankie. It’s okay. Some funny parts. But it’s no Lost. 🙂

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        • I’m glad you found it acceptable so we can continue to be friends. The stakes were high!

          We used to babysit for a friend, and he enjoyed it the first couple of times, and then he started to ignore the kid. Kid put an entire collection of TV remotes into the toilet (while I watched – I agreed to keep him company while he babysat but didn’t agree to assist him with the hellion), after that he wasn’t a fan. He needs a refresher. I’m terrified when people leave me alone with small children. There’s no one there to set limits. Before you know it, we’re stealing cars and driving through flower beds.

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  4. Ugh. Surgery. Enjoy the nap, and I hope you wake up feeling more human that before.
    Tomorrow is my oldest’s bday, my pcm apt…time to figure out wtf those #s mean, and hopefully my man child gets back from Naw-fooolk.
    I’ll be think about you as I make birthday brownies!
    *gentle hugs* & yay for iv pain meds! (And fluids!)

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    • Good luck at the appointment! I’ll be thinking of you, providing I’m not completely gorked on drugs, in which case I’ll probably be screaming for coffee, but just pretend you’re in my thoughts anyhow. 😉 Enjoy the birthday shenanigans!

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      • It’s my (volunteer, unpaid) job. We use these sites to price books and research rare books. Many people think we overcharge because we charge more than 99p for a paperback, but we are cheaper than all online sellers – and you don’t have postage, and you can check the books don’t smell of Eurgh. I thought of you twice on my recent holiday: Austria has ‘viewing platform’ toilets – a dookie shelf so you can check your colonic health. You don’t poop into water, but on to a bare pan. The smell can be enlightening. It’s actually far more water efficent and allows for the easy taking of samples. On a brighter note, I visited here: http://www.onb.ac.at/ev/ n- look at the Grand Hall. Yeah, I was there, and I was very, very happy.


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