Hard Reset!

Holy shit.  August was a blast, eh?  I’m feeling terribly guilty about dumping all of my crap onto the unsuspecting internet creepers.  I’d much rather be a purveyor of funnies than a crier of doom.  The unfortunate reality is that life hits hard and I do my best to deal with it in the most positive way I’m capable of.  Sometimes that means I have to punch out a plethora of expletive loaded vent sessions so my poor little noggin won’t pop.

I’m working on bashing my mental reset button so I can be the calm in the center of the storm.  This starts by shoving a bunch of chocolate into my mouth, and then we’ll go from there.


10 thoughts on “Hard Reset!

  1. Mmmm chocolate! I was going to make double fudge brownies this evening but then… well, my hands stopped working so a few chipits straight from the bag had to do. Chocolate frosted sugar bombs just might be the perfect second best 😛

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