Kinda-sorta MC Update

The insanity that is my life has grown limbs, kidnapped us, and carried us up the beanstalk to FMLville.

I’m extremely relieved by what we’ve learned.  The problem IS fixable.  My task is to make sure he gets the best possible care.  This is made much easier since everyone in both of our families knows what’s going on.  He has a dozen crazy female advocates in his corner now.  I suppose I should be jealous, but I decline such help because we’re not talking about heart surgery with my shit.  Pericarditis is no biggie.  I got rid of that in two weeks.  His problem is a HUGE deal.

This is a great video that explains it in a way most will understand, so I’ve shared it with several people.  The same youtube channel explains many different diseases in the same manner, including Crohn’s and Lupus.

He doesn’t share the same level of positivity as I do.  I know it’s not going to be easy.  Open heart surgery is a big deal, but his chances of survival are somewhere north of 99% with surgery, and he should fully recover if his aortic valve is able to be repaired.  As it stands, his aortic valve looks perfectly healthy.  He’s worried about brain damage from surgery, but I’ve assured him his brain is already damaged so he won’t even notice a difference!  Ha!

I’m trying to be supportive and allay his fears while being realistic at the same time.  It’s a delicate balance.  I’m not one to sugarcoat anything, so some of what I say probably isn’t comforting at all, but I do know that it’ll take lots of patience and resolve to make it through recovery and he’s married to the right person for that.  I’m not the best cheerleader, but it beats being stuck in your own head if you happen to be singing the DOOM song on repeat.

But hold me still bury my heart on the cold
And hold me still bury my heart next to yours

So give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light
Cause oh they gave me such a fright
And I will hold on with all of my might
Just promise me that we’ll be alright

But the ghosts that we knew will flicker from view
And we’ll live a long life

“Ghosts That We Knew”, Mumford & Sons, Babel 2012


3 thoughts on “Kinda-sorta MC Update

  1. You’re amazing. MC is one fortunate dude.

    People think I’m nuts (well, ahem…), but I always feel that knowing what the fuck is wrong is reassuring in itself. To quote one of my favorite poet philosophers:

    “Late last night
    I’d a terrible fight
    With a Wild Gazite
    With eyes of white
    And he gave me a fright
    When he gave me a bite
    But I fixed him, all right!
    I turned on the light….

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  2. I had to look into Aorta problems when I was tentatively diagnosed with Marfan’s syndrome. Then my boss was found collapsed with a torn aorta and late diagnosed Marfans….Aorta repair fun! People risk brain damage to have their breasts enlarged – many have brain damage before….

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  3. I think he’s lucky to have a partner that wont sugar coat the facts but that he KNOWS is still there as support and unconditional love through it. That’s more important than a constant stream of “think happy thoughts, dear.” Glad to hear there’s a game plan and the outlook is good 🙂

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