Peripheral neuropathy is nasty.  I’ve shown my feet off when they turn bright red and burn like hellfire, and I’ve probably complained too often about the spasms.

I’ve been having muscle spasms in my arms and legs for years.  Since my electrolytes appeared normal, they wrote it off as something that fell under the broad category of malnutrition.  Without testing a damn thing, I might add.  What you don’t know can hurt you.  Ahem, copper deficiency causes neuropathy, eh?

Some of my spasms are most certainly caused by iron deficiency/anemia, then there’s the subset of spasms that aren’t painful so much as just plain annoying.  Before my extremities went numb, I was having myoclonic spasms in my legs.  My muscles would contract, then relax without my say so.  It was bizarre and slightly disconcerting.

Then came the numbness and the foot spasms.  It’s not like cramps because the muscles tense and relax, rather than tying themselves into knots, although they most certainly can progress to cramps alongside the spasms.

My toes twitch constantly (I wonder if they do it while I’m asleep?  I wanna know!), and my ankle spasms cause my feet to get pulled inward.  Most of the time, it looks like my feet are trying to fold themselves in half at the arch.  On top of proprioception loss, this only adds to my balance problems.

I know numbness and burning are common problems with peripheral neuropathy, but I haven’t heard much about spasms.  I just figured I’m weird.  I guess twitches and spasms are a PN thing too.  So here they are, for your viewing pleasure, the feet that just wanna dance!

And just for fun, llamas with hats.

22 thoughts on “Footloose

  1. You’re amazing. I have been telling my neurologist that I have twitching and jerking, but now I have a name for it. Further researching, and I just spent 20 minutes walking around my house contemplating all the thing I do to compensate for this crappy body. Blog soon! 😉

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    • You eat pretty well, so I sort of doubt it’s a nutritional thing (unless you’ve got bowel stuff going on too), but it doesn’t hurt to check. Just a couple of vials of blood to check B1, B5, B6, B12, E, and copper. The only problem is that if you’ve been deficient long enough, the damage can be permanent. Fortunately, B deficiency neuropathies are pretty obvious and usually reversible.

      Ooooo, the suspense!


      • Fortunately my bowels seem okay. I even take vitamins and colace to offset the pain meds. I keep telling them to go away and leave me and my organs alone. But it’s not working as well lately. Had my RUQ ultrasound today. I made them give me the disk with the images =P Report tomorrow or Thursday. My kidney function is good, I have no idea wtf I’m looking at on the ultrasound but it looks okay?

        Neuro seems to think the twitches are from the brain tumor. It’s hanging around my brain stem, so meh….it is what it is. I was just trippin on what you can get used to!

        (Oh! and I’m getting cobalt and chromium levels done this week too because I have an all metal hip, so those should be fun!)


        • It’s true! I figured out how to crack eggs again without pulverizing them. Yeah!

          All I see in ultrasounds are different shades of grey and blobs. I’m glad your blobs aren’t obviously screwed up. 😉 And I hope the person who reads it agrees that your blobs are fine.

          Oh yeah, cobalt toxicity can do weird shit. Thanks, Dr. House.


  2. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but… Aliens are sending messages through your feet. You just don’t know how to interpret them. Let me translate:

    Hello, Earthling! We are concerned about Trump and his possible invasion of our planet. Please do not vote for him. Thanks, your friends, The Aliens.

    p.s. We do not understand llamas with hats. On our planet, llamas do not wear hats and they do not talk. We look forward to meeting your llamas. Peace out.

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  3. Ah man, I really do feel for you. I’ve had the muscle spasms / pain etc so can kinda relate (not on the scale as yourself, I consider myself a lightweight lol).
    Seeing you toes do that, reminds me off When my RLS is off the chart, it’s weird my feet make my big toe pull upwards whilst the others curl inwards. Looks like big toe is king and the others are bowing to it 😂.
    Really hope things chill for you soon 😀

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  4. The same thing happens to my footsies, and at least for me it does happen when I’m asleep so the Mr says. I prefer the numbness and tingling to the pain and spasms… but hey, of course we don’t get to choose right? Does surface massage and/or pressure help with your twitches and tingling? I find it doesn’t do anything for the pain but it will help my muscles to stop twitching/tensing up and i think the extra circulation helps with the tingling/numbness, even if only temporarily.

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    • Eh, they seem better when they’re cold. Nothing else seems to calm them down. It does get worse when I’m tired too. When they warm up, they get more spastic and start to burn. I think it’s the peripheral nerves trying to communicate with my spinal cord but the road is closed, so they freak out. Sort of like pulling a lizard’s tail off….it just flops around.

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