Day 7: Time-out!

It was second opinion day and I placed my bets on the second opinion being exactly the same as the first, thanks to plenty of research.  After the pre-op consult and education, I’m probably the only one who feels better about the whole thing.  Harpy is still wigging out because her exposure to health/sickcare is minimal.  This is all very foreign and the $20 words frighten her.

Since I decided to take a semi-rest day, I got a whole five hours to myself.  It was marvelous.

I’m going to recommend that the in-laws take off for the weekend, stay in a nice hotel, and get the fuck out of my house so we can all relax a little before next week, especially manchild.  He’s a much happier guy when it’s just the two of us.  I’m a much happier girl when his Mom is seven hours west, but I’ll settle for an hour in any direction.  If she goes east, that’ll park her somewhere in the Atlantic.  That’s ideal.

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