Day 8: “Let’s talk about you”

I had a post-clusterfuck follow-up with my dear primary care doc.  This should have been a simple visit.  I want him to be on the lookout for referral requests in the future because I don’t know that my current referrals won’t expire by the time I have the opportunity to commit to a scheduled appointment.  Also, I need medication renewals put in despite having just picked up refills today.  They need to be there so the scripts can be transferred to a different pharmacy depending on where we end up at the end of next month (we’re still unsure if the military will keep him or kick him out).  Ooookay, so there’s a little background for you.

I assumed I’d only take up 5 minutes of his time, which left a whole 15 minutes that he could talk to manchild, as we both share the same pcm now.  I’ll be damned if Dr. Awesome didn’t scan over all of my records, test results, etc, and start digging into things that aren’t really current concerns.  Just weird lab values that have yet to be explained.  He wants to get it all figured out, and he’s going to lose his mind in the process.

I did bring up MC’s stuff because dude, pending heart explosion!  The exchange between the two of them lasted all of 120 seconds, and then I was back in the hot seat.  “This is your appointment, so let’s talk about you.”  Damn.  I don’t waaaaaaanna!

This doctor…he’s wonderful.  He’s the only one I feel I can actually talk to and be heard.  I’m calm around him because I don’t feel the necessity to be on defense.  The downside is that he has made it his mission to get to the “bottom” (current theory is my bowel issues started this whole mess) of what’s going on with me because I have multiple systems that seem to be failing.  What this means is lots of tests, which requires a willing patient.  I’m way past the point of caring about the ‘why’ and have moved into damage control mode.

I’m not doing well with any of my follow-ups because from where I sit, there’s not much of a point to any of it.  Outside of drugs, the only thing they (the evil collective of specialists) manage to do is piss me off.  I hate drugs.  Well, except for the ones that I don’t hate and bless those little white/round pills.  I don’t have the energy for pointless appointments and right now, I certainly don’t have the fucking time to deal with all of that nonsense.

Harpy is in hiding and FIL’s rear end is leaking toxic gas, so I’m chilling in my darkened space away from the open windows that are sucking in pollen and circulating the gas.  I wish I would have asked for a tranquilizer today.  In case of emergency, take one, close eyes, drift away to never-neverland.  The worst of it isn’t even here yet.


13 thoughts on “Day 8: “Let’s talk about you”

    • Where’s the fun in that? I zig when I should zag! The same antics that get bunnies hit by cars, but at least they have a fair chance of escaping a hungry wildcat. One day it will serve me well.

      I listen! Follow through is a bit of a problem.

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  1. FWIW, I’ve seen guys in the Navy that had some pretty serious ish get repaired and they got to finish out their careers.
    One story in particular …there was a guy on deployment and all I know is it involved him getting pulled off det and something about him getting a bionic…erm….sphincter.

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