Day 13: RV-Land

I went to the lab bright and early this morning (I hate that shit) only to find out that my urine test was supposed to be the first void of the day.  I don’t know about you, but when I wake up in the morning, I gotta go immediately or I’ll explode.  No one told me about the requirements beforehand.  I still had to provide a clean-catch sample for whatever reason he ordered it.  Then I sat around for a half an hour waiting to be called back for a blood draw until I saw people being called back that had arrived at the lab after me.  What the heck?  What about meeeeee?  Apparently this catecholamines thingy is urine only, so there was no blood test required and it explains the first whiz of the day requirement.

Harpy was in a sour mood all morning.  She spent the entire time in MY bedroom (technically the guest room) with the door shut.  I had considered knocking on the door to let her know my parents were coming to collect me, but nah.  I took off with them around 1pm.  Mom cut my hair and I cut my bangs because I don’t trust her to not stab me in the eyes.  She doesn’t see so well.  She does have some bitchen pro hair stylist scissors that I snagged so I can keep trimming up my bangs as needed until they’ve reached optimal shape and length.  Free beats $15, or even $50 depending on where I go.  I got maybe a half inch trimmed off of the back and haven’t decided how long I’m going to let it get.  I think I’ll keep growing until it gets heavy enough to make my head hurt, then I’ll hack it all off and donate it to the follicularly challenged.

This was my first time in my parent’s new RV.  I hesitate to call it a camper because it’s pretty much a mobile home.  It has one and half bathrooms, a full-sized side by side fridge, fireplace, oven/range, full size microwave, king size bed, and a washer dryer combo.  I could live in the thing.  Who needs a house when you’ve got that?!

MC had class tonight and the campground was on the way back to our place, so he stopped by to pick me up.  He wanted to hang out and chill with my parents for a bit (I think he’s avoiding his mother too).  We watched a couple episodes of Criminal Minds and then I made him text his Mom to let her know where he was.  He never did get a reply, which meant she was pissed.  It’s too much to expect her to self-reflect a bit and wonder why her son would rather spend time with his in-laws than her.  She just assumed that I made him do it.  Nope.  I asked, but said if he felt too crappy after class, my parents could drive me home so he didn’t have to make a slight detour.  I don’t even care anymore.  I’m more upset that she ate all of my almonds.  Bitch.

11 thoughts on “Day 13: RV-Land

  1. Wow, I could park about six of my pup tent sized RV’s inside your parents’ Class A motorhome!

    What’s up with these selfish, entitled assholes? Did no-one ever teach them basic manners, i.e., when you’re a guest in someone’s home, you at the very least replace whatever you use, and preferably bring/buy/make stuff for your hosts, even if the host is your son and daughter-in-law? Jeekers Crow, it’s a wonder MC learned the amount of mentschkeit he has. Most of it due to your influence, for sure! I know you’re practicing utmost restraint under the circumstances. I would certainly have put my foot in it by now. Her mouth, that is 👿

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  2. Ooo bangs, lovely! I do not have the guts to try and pull it off (though they sure looked cute when I was 5). I think its nice that MC wanted to be able to chill with your ‘rents for a bit, from the sound of the past couple weeks, the both of you not only needed a break from his but maybe just a little different company as distraction from all the medical crap going on for the both of you. By the way I just bribed Mr. Mango 5 times in a row now with cheesy bun to say “follicularly challenged” out loud and it just gets funnier and funnier. I don’t know if it’s the desperation for old cheddar and chewy bread or the messed up pronunciation. I just wanted to say thank you for the extra laughs 😛

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    • Haha, you guys sorta sound like us. The things we do for entertainment. 😅

      I’ve had bangs for about 4 years now. Every attempt prior, they just drove me nuts so I pinned them back until they grew out. Once I decided to go from none to super short, I liked them. Down side is that they grow faster than the rest, but it’s very easy to trim them myself. Ideal, because you know how much I love going to get my hair cut. 😏

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