Day whatever: Quarantine!

Fresh air is nice.  I didn’t mind opening the windows when I lived in Vermont, or even in the country in Blowhio.  Here?  No fucking way.  The air is full of yuck, from construction dirt to manufacturing and vehicle emissions.  Some people call this smog.  I also will not open a window when pollen levels are high because I don’t want my house to fill up with the yellowish dust we’re all allergic to here.

Harpy keeps opening the sliding patio door and all of the windows to “let fresh air in so her dirty germs don’t take over the house and make MC sick.”  That’s all well and good except I live here.  The ragweed is in bloom, and this is the absolute worst for me.  My sinuses and throat are all inflamed and waking up in the morning is just miserable because I’m drowning in my own fluids.  I started taking my allergy shit again, which dries me out.  Sure, it helps the allergies, but it also makes circulating contagions more likely to settle in.  Especially since my body seems to have a flashing neon sign that invites bugs to party hard.

Yesterday, the right side of my neck was swollen in the lymphy area which is normally the prodromal phase of sickness.  Faaaaaack, say it ain’t so.  Last night around 1:30am, my throat hurt so bad on the right side it woke me up.  I got up to gargle mouthwash (swallowed most of it – my gargle skills are weak), then went back to bed.  This morning I filled my little sample cup to send with my own personal courier to the lab.  He leaned in for a kiss and I bent the opposite direction.  “I think I’m sick!”  Yeah, I can’t swallow.  It’s only sore on the right side, which is weird.  I used my little LED flashlight, and it looks like my right tonsil is tucked out of the way, but there’s a group of ulcers or…barnacles?  behind it.  The tonsil itself doesn’t appear to be swollen.  Maybe aphthous ulcers can appear anywhere on my mucous membranes, to include the back of my throat.  I was surprised when I started getting them in my nostrils, but I guess I’m not the only one.  Whatever it is, it sucks.

I’m not going to risk it being some sort of viral thing and spreading it to MC before he has surgery.  Having fever all of the time for no special reason makes it’s particularly difficult to guage the cause.  A quick google search says that most common cause of unilateral throat pain is tonsilitis, but like I said, the tonsil itself is actually smaller on the sore side than on the side that doesn’t hurt.  Whatever.  I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again; I’m a walking petri dish of germs.

I’m working on some herbal tea with honey to see if I can coat my throat with bee spit well enough to be able to eat something, then I’ll be cleaning up the office and throwing down an air mattress to use until this passes.  I’m sure the lizard will enjoy the company (lies) and if I wake up in the middle of the night I can play ESO instead of staring at the ceiling.  Fun!  Always look on the bright side of life…


12 thoughts on “Day whatever: Quarantine!

    • Hospitals are great for that sort of thing. I catch bugs just looking at a hospital through a car window. I’m there every single week so I don’t stand a chance!

      A little rest is in order – for you too! 🙂

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  1. Wow, it looks just like the actual Judean Desert looking North toward the Golan! Israelis love that kind of twisted humor….just need a few camels and Bedouin camps….

    You’ve described a viral enanthem (rash on the mucous membranes) of your right tonsillar pillar. Just what you and MC need. Unfortunately, not surprising given the STRESS and overconcentration of warm bodies (read: viral hosts). Damn, when I said they need to be bringing stuff I didn’t mean THAT kind of stuff 😠

    Do you have some Echinacea? Now would be the time to start slamming it every two hours. Also would be good to force some down MC as a preventive. Several times a day.

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    • I seem to remember getting rashy the last time I took echinachea. MC is juicing. Think the vitamin C and fruit junks help at all? All things considered, I think he’s the healthiest person here. That’s sort of fucked up. 😆


  2. Boo for sore throats! =( I had ulcers in my throat one time so bad I woke up at night crying. The doc that saw them made a face and threw percocet at me.

    You need Lemon Zinger tea with local honey! One of the reasons I’m contributing to keeping the Bee Folks ( in business is because a teaspoon of local honey a day reduces allergy symptoms.

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  3. As a regular throat ulcer getter: I always get told my tonsils are ‘fine’ but the throat isn’t. You may have Quinsy. Lucky you. I fucking hate tonsil problems – people don’t believe the pain etc. I should be getting my annual pus sacs in the next 2 months. And then again in January! I hope you get better soon. And I hope the Harpy catches it.

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