Shut Your Trap!

I’m a woman, so I’m prone to womanly behaviors such as dumping a bag of chocolate chips directly into my mouth, crying for no apparent reason, talking out of turn, and running away flailing while being chased by stinging insects (and I want to be a bee-keeper when I grow up?).  One thing I don’t understand at all, is why some women never fucking shut up.  It’s like they’re talking to hear their own voices.

Out of 24-hours, I talk MAYBE a grand total of 20 minutes.  I type more than I talk, obviously.  Just because I’m not speaking doesn’t mean my head is empty.  I say what I need to say and don’t add a dissertation to everything.  That’s just me – a person of few words – believe it or not.  This is also why I sucked at essay tests in school.  Essays require fillers and I despise fillers.  If I can give a person the same amount of information in three sentences as I can in three paragraphs, what’s the fucking point?  Speaking succinctly helps the menfolk communicate with me once they’re used to it because they come to realize that if I’m speaking, it’s something important that they should be listening to.  This doesn’t mean they remember because men are blessed with fewer verbal centers in the brain.

When MC has to spend time with Harpy, the retraining period of getting him to listen to me takes forever.  With her, the “important” info is contained in the middle third of her mouth-flapping, so he automatically blocks out the beginning and the end.  He goes on auto-pilot and forgets I don’t speak in circles.  I may say “hey!” to make sure I have his attention, then request confirmation that he heard me, but I can say in 30 seconds what it takes her 10 minutes to say.

The problem with talking so much, at least with her, is that while she’s talking, her ears are shut.  She doesn’t hear a word anyone else says.  She started early this morning calling friends and filling them in on “us” and the walls here are paper thin so I can hear everything she’s saying.  First thing, I really really really miss my quiet mornings.  I don’t want to hear another human voice until lunch time.  Second, nothing she says is true.  It’s all misconstrued in her brain because she was TALKING while doctors/people were trying to educate her.

Take my issues, for example.  I’m sick as fuck.  I think most people who know  me can agree on this one.  Even so, I’m a fucking pro at adapting and overcoming, while also reducing the amount of time spent complaining substantially (I save those for the internet).  This is how I’m able to type better, knit, crochet, and even use a kitchen knife without cutting parts off.  I can carry a mug full of coffee up the stairs because I’ve learned to take full advantage of ALL of my peripheral vision so I can monitor what my hands and feet are doing at the same time.  I read an article last night about 2 young women who were born with a major defect in the gene responsible for proprioception.  They could function almost like a normal person as long as their eyes were open.  This is me!  I’m not allowed to drive because I can’t very well look at my feet and hands while my eyes are supposed to be on the road.

So, she’s talking to whomever, and I hear her talking about my neurological stuff and then she says “I think she’s faking it so she doesn’t have to drive.”  Haha!  Oh my lorrrrrd.  When I figured out it wasn’t safe to drive anymore, it was probably one of the worst things that has happened during this whole ordeal.  Driving is my freedom and therapy.  I loved to visit friends who were two states away just for the heck of it.  Even better if they lived on the opposite side of the country.  I love roadtrips!  I don’t have that option anymore.  If I get into an accident, I risk being sued for negligence.  Not to mention I could kill myself and after all I’ve survived, it’d be lame to die in a crash unless it’s an epic one – Thelma and Louise style.

I’ve mentioned before that I have tried to explain my conditions to her, but she doesn’t hear me, so I’ve given up.  There’s no correcting her.  She can think what she wants.  Meanwhile, she’s convinced her son is not long for the world, even after the doctor told him he could take a vacation if he wanted to.  Go hiking, go motorbiking, whatever…so long as he isn’t lifting heavy stuff or running.  He’s NOT a ticking time-bomb (yet).  The estimation is that his heart will crap out before the artery splits.  The reason for expediting the surgery is so that it doesn’t get to the point he needs a heart transplant.

It won’t be long before I tell her to shut the fuck up so I can have a little peace and quiet.

20 thoughts on “Shut Your Trap!

  1. Malignant narcissists never like to acknowledge other people’s needs unless in doing so they would be seen as a sacrificing angel. Acknowledging your illness would put her in a double bind. She would then have to at least appear to care for your well-being, which would, in her little mind, detract from the importance of her sacrifice for her baby boy. So for her, it works better to invalidate your illness so she can add putting up with you to her list of sacrifices.

    Giving up driving is a terrible loss, as you know all too well. I bet you’d give a lot to be able to go for a drive just to get away from The Mouth.

    It’s amazing how the body can compensate for weirdness for such a long time before something gives out. I wonder how long MC has been walking around with that aneurysm? Years and years, most likely. A young heart can stand a lot of back pressure before it develops pump failure. No wonder he was tired all the time.

    Speaking of, how are your kiddleys holding up? Are you still doing 3x/wk dialysis?

    You want me to swing by and kidnap you? We can go to Maine. I’m longing to see Camden again. Have you been to Camden?

    Hang in there, try not to gobsmack the bitch😇

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    • Oh yeah, I’d be outta here if I had my wheels. Between MC, my dad, and myself, we decided the most effective way to get the talkers to be quiet for a minute is to tape their mouths shut. Of course, their hands would have to be tied behind their backs to prevent them from pulling the tape off. Harpy walked up to my dad and started running her mouth, he turned around and walked out to the truck. A very subtle “fuck you”. He can’t stand her. My Mom tries to therapize her, but that doesn’t work either. It turns into a shouting match. Four more fucking weeks. I’m going to die….again.

      Kidneys are being weird. I started excreting straight blood about a week and a half ago? That’s usually what happens at the beginning of a dip, but so far everything else looks okay. I’m going twice a week and that’s about two times too many. 😉 I got teased with the possibility of quitting and doing weekly cmps to monitor, but they like me too much to send me away.

      If you kidnap me, I’ll make you brownies. Lots of them.

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  2. Soooooo are you going to start a pool going so we can place bets on when, how and where you finally give it to her? I think we all have a sore spot there when people push about ‘faking it’ for whatever reason. Especially when it comes to something that we actually wish we didn’t have to live without. If it were me, it’d be about time for liquid lax in her coffee…

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  3. Im with Ms Mango on this one … yah gotta pop a cap in that ass / Bitch slap that fool / … or .. suffocation maybe ??? Maybe something a little less violent … either way I’ll be in for placing bets on that! …. Like you, not driving has been one of the most head fucking things about my ordeal … like you … I’d gap it for hours, days, weeks, whenever I wanted … it was my freedom! Take that away … and OMFuck … the deep breathing I’ve had to do so I don’t rain down hell fire on everyone around me …. But FAKING IT!!??? Really?? That deserves some kind of well thought up vengeance from the depths of Kara and co. (Pretty sure we all got some awesome ideas!! 😉 )

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    • She’s special, alright. I think I’m offending MC when I make the universal sign for “choke the bitch” through the wall, directed to her. She’s his Mom so it’s not possible for him to dislike her as much as I do. Plus, he doesn’t have the balls to stand up to her, but apparently mine are growing quite large.

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      • Sounds typical of sons and mothers … he’s possible not offended though, but more envious??!! … either way … we’ve got your back lol … and let those puppies grow! .. looking forward to the “I told her to shut the fuck up” post 😉

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