Day 14: Force-feeding & Viral Fun

My parents were kind enough to stop at a pharmacy that sells real Sudafed, and purchase some of said real Sudafed along with a bag of cough drops.  There’s no such thing as 6-hour Sudafed anymore?  It’s either 12 or 24-hour at CVS.  I took it at 3pm, which meant I was still buzzing late into the night.  Sure, it fucks with my heart, but nothing clears the sinuses like that stuff.  At least it keeps my blood pressure up!

I made a large batch of lentil chicken soup and shared a couple of bowls with my parents.  They were quite impressed (thanks, Kitchn), but I thought it was way too salty – and I used unsalted chicken stock.  I think it was just the acidity of the tomato paste burning the shit out of my mouth and throat.  I’ll try it again later after the seasonings have a chance to mellow.  Soup is usually better the day after it’s made.  This is especially true of chili.  Having a throat on fire and a body full of sick probably isn’t doing my tastebuds any favors.  Also, that was waaaaaaay too much fiber.  Pain.  Intestinal wrath and what was probably a partial obstruction that eventually passed on its own.  That’s all of the detail I’ll go into.

Harpy is in straight-up bitch mode.  She got back from the store when my parents were hanging out with me in the living room and she immediately went upstairs to the guest room, then slammed the door.  She doesn’t like having my parents here.  That’s funny – she was pissed off at them when she found out they would be camping in Vermont on the day MC was supposed to have surgery.  They cancelled the first few days of their vacation to be here for him/me and that pisses her off too.  There’s no satisfying this woman.

MC is still completely without appetite and apart from fruit smoothies and the occasional peanut butter sandwich, he’s not eating.  He has lost about 15 pounds since he was discharged from the hospital.  Eating makes him feel like crap, so he’s eating like a bird.  I completely understand how he feels.  Our symptoms may be different, but it’s the same issue of our bodies telling our brains that food is a bad idea.  I encourage him to drink juice more often, supplement with the ensure his Mom bought him, and have even offered to make him pumpkin protein muffins.  It’s not happenin’.  Some days are better than others and I’m not one to shove food in front of him.  He can lose another 25 pounds and still be a healthy weight, so I’m not too concerned – yet.  Harpy, on the other hand, is deeply offended that he’s refusing to eat the food she makes (he’s not alone, I won’t eat it either).  I hope he’ll get his appetite back after they fix him up, although recovery is probably going to make it worse before it gets better.

I came out of quarantine to use the bathroom and had to turn right back around when I got to MC’s room because his Mom was bitching at him for not eating.  She asked him why he can’t just override the symptoms and eat anyhow.  He should be able to do that, after all, he’s an adult.  Clearly this five foot-four inch tall, 360 pound woman doesn’t understand what it’s like to be so miserable after eating that hunger is the much preferred alternative.  I wanted to fly in and high-five her in the face repeatedly.

I think behind this need to be in control of everyone, to put people down, and just generally being a shitty person, is the realization that she isn’t needed.  That her son HAS grown up (uh, sorta) and she can’t figure out how to reinvent their relationship so she falls back into the controlling parent role, which only pushes him away.  Or she’s just a stupid bitch-face.  If my Mom were like her, do you think I’d call her when I need to vent?  Hell no.  I’d never talk to her.  I’m trying to give Harpy the benefit of the doubt, but I doubt she’ll ever find redemption in my mind.  Part of this is my fault and my most severe allergy to bullshit that she shovels out by the freight load.


Since my Mom is super hyper about me being “normal” person sick on top of Kara-sick, she harassed me until I called to make an appointment with my doctor.  I don’t usually go to the doctor when I get cold or flu sick.  It’s not my style.  I prefer to go only if I’m literally about to die.  I had intended to cancel the appointment after my parents took off yesterday evening (yeah, I’m a snot), but MC is having some issues being assigned to his preferred doctor and he needed a medical profile written saying that push-ups, sit-ups and sprinting are all very bad ideas at the moment.  He needed me to keep my appointment even though I didn’t really NEED to see the doctor so that he could talk to him.  I guess this is the way it’s going to be from now on.  The couple that gets sick together, stays together?

I have viral pharyngitis, which is a fancy term for an upper respiratory infection/very angry throat, aka ‘nothing we can do about it, here’s some more sudafed/sorry you can’t take advil because your kidneys are dicks’.  It’s good news.  All I needed was mono or strep to add to the pile of shit that I’m living in right now.

I need to have my UA/UC repeated, and also a CMP.  The lab was slammed today, so I may wait until next week.  I just had that crap done on Tuesday.  It can wait.  I’m tired.


9 thoughts on “Day 14: Force-feeding & Viral Fun

  1. Just had a sneezing fit. (I miss Benadryl-D.) Ensure really, really sucks (but not as much as Harpy). I’m thinking you could plant some drugs on her and then make an anonymous call to the police. Dude, 360 pounds? And I thought I was fat. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually had the thought of blowing my nose on her pillow, then I had to reprimand myself. That’s too gross, even for me…maybe. ๐Ÿ˜

      I just hope this doesn’t spread to my husband – the more times they have to postpone surgery, the longer I have to deal with house-guests. And the longer he’ll feel like crap. I suppose that’s a more important factor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Man if that’s how she’s treating her own son too and not just you, I’m surprised you’re both not collectively plotting her demise at this rate. How does someone not get that acting like that just makes someone who’s already feeling shitty, feel even shittier. Then again your MIL issues is a welcome distraction from my own parental woes, so I guess I can’t talk, my mother doesn’t seem to know any better either. I hope the second day soup tastes amazing and that the lentils somehow manage to not cause their usual woes….I know how that goes.

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    • My Dad is pretty much the same, but he’s actually doing a little better now that he started going to counseling again. He’s still mean as hell, but only towards Harpy. He has to get it out somehow. It was entertaining… even if it wasn’t a fair fight. He has had 12 more years practice of being a shithead than she has. ๐Ÿ˜„

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