Day 15: Boogers!

Monday morning I have a date with the lab.  At least, that’s when I’m supposed to go relinquish various bodily fluids.  I get worried when repeat tests are ordered.  Very rarely the samples get botched by the lab techs, but more often than not, it’s to confirm something.  If I skip it, I can live in ignorance.  Other than being a ball of stressed-out rage and full of colorful snot, I feel as okay as I can.  Maybe I’m being dumb and he wants to repeat the tests because, “Hey, your kidney function went way up!  No more dialysis for joo!”  Wouldn’t that be somethin’?  I think my throat yuck is in the process of transitioning into a sinus infection.  The good part is that my throat doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as it did for the first few days, but the bad part is sinus infection.  I tend to get a lot of these from nasal regurgitation (when I swallow, sometimes the muscles in my esophagus move in the opposite direction they’re supposed to – shit goes up my nose – thanks, neuropathy).  I may have to rope off a bathroom and designate it as my biohazardous nasal flushing station.  Pleasant, I know.

Better news – I’m not sure if it’s from kicking one of my ovaries out, or losing weight too quickly, but my girl parts seem to be in partial stasis.  The PMS was AWFUL, but the actual shark-time is way way way less sharky than usual.  This may coincide with quitting Cimzia, which could have been the cause of the von Willebrand syndrome.  Or it could have been the gihugic ovarian cyst fucking with my girl parts.  All I do know, is that I’m very thankful I don’t have to bleed-out this month. *knocking on MDF*

Should I decide to act like an adult and go to the lab Monday, shortly after I return home, we all have to pile into the car and head up to the hotel to check in, then I have to hightail it over to the D-clinic to get plugged in for the afternoon.  MC has to be at the APU by 5am Tuesday morning.  I highly doubt I’ll kill this snotification by Monday, so I assume I’ll have a room all to myself (fuck yeah!).  I would like to spend the night with MC, though.  After hanging out in the same room with him for a week and a half, we both remembered why we enjoy each other’s company.  And now we miss each other, even though we’re only 40 feet apart.  It’s not that we even talk that much, so much as we are both way more relaxed when we’re together.  I hate to say it, but it has been kind of nice that he’s on restricted activity because that forces him to stoop to my activity levels, which mean we get plenty of chill time.  My favorite!

Today I’m frumping it.  I’m not even going to bother changing out of my PJs or putting a bra on.  Fuck boobie traps.  I’ll play a little ESO and get the current section of my blanket finished.  With any luck, I’ll be able to avoid Harpy for most of the day.  As of right now, I’m in a good mood and I’d hate to let her ruin it!

6 thoughts on “Day 15: Boogers!

  1. What is this “bra” you speak of?
    (The fabulous thing about having nursed the youngest for 15 months and simultaneously losing 50 pounds is I live in these cute little new bralettes and sports bras….sometimes =P) Oh! And a hallmark of chronic illness is having more jammies than clothes. Winter…I LIVE in pajama pants and hoodies!

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    • I feel weird walking around with my tumble twins swinging under my shirt when we have guests. I got yelled at by harpy for leaving a box of tampons on the back of the toilet because “men don’t want to see that.” Maybe not, but I’ve never heard a heterosexual male say that boobs gross them out. Again, it’s MY fucking house.

      Oooooo, I love hoodies! Nearly every long sleeve shirt I own has a hood. Now they make some of ’em with thumbholes…..PERFECT!

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      • Just tell her, my boobs, my house, my toilet, my bathroom, my tampons! If she don’t want to see tampons on the back of the toilet, she can go look at her own bathroom.

        I love my hoodies! I have an Alliance Hoodie with thumbholes. Perfect for going to the movies. I always get cold in the theater.

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  2. Hey gurly gurl…
    just wanted to touch home with you and seen this..I guess lab day for body fluids is in the air huh lol I should go Monday as…I will make this one short but glad to see you again as I was well the same ol fucking shitt lol..blah ..I am happy to hear some good news for you gurl : ) Hope you get all the boogers and snotifications taken care of and the rest of you too…don’t make me worry so let me know how things go gurl..
    Huggggs to you

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    • Dang, woman! I thought you got eaten by a rabid armadillo or some other strange Texas creature. Chupacabra? Barbara Bush? I missed you! I hope you’re here to stay for a while. I’m sure all of your fans would love to hear what’s going on in the life of Suzette. 🙂

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      • Hey gurl!! great to hear from you again: )
        Well speaking of the Chupacabra I swear on my life I seen one while smoking on the back porch a year ago it was so quite and dark out it came up on the side of me outside the fence (thank god) and we locked eyes …I did not move lol and it was hunched over and devil looking…funny thing was that I never heard of this before so I told my better half and he pulled it up on my computer and I said YES this is what I seen!!!! so to say the least I do not repeat do not smoke outside on the back porch any more lolol…hell I am even afraid since then to smoke on the front porch since that was its path…
        Aww you to funny gurl lol
        I hope that I am here for a lot longer time it really gets to me being down and sick as you know and can relate…I hate leaving this site since I enjoy it here so much and the friend and followers and ok fans? lol most on here that I chatt with I feel close to and more of a family than the family we really have..or shall I say had..But that has been the best choice for all they all were to much drama and wanted to control our shitt….Nope not gonna happen as long as I am alive…They would really stress dad out to so again for the best ; )
        I may make an update post or something idk just yet lol..but that is a good idea gurl so thank you for it ..
        Hope that you start to feel better and watch that fever gurl…lol..I know you know lol..
        Huggggs n love to you

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