Freedom to be Disgusting

I am such a happy sad person right now.  MC and his spawners took off this morning.  This means that I can blow my nose as much as I need to, hack until my lungs are clear, run around dirty in my pajamas, and not have to tiptoe around at night when I have to use the bathroom.  I love being alone.  Holy shit, IT’S THE BEST.  I loved living alone and I’m particularly in love with being alone right now, after three weeks of the nonsense that I married into.  It’s like someone pulled a very large splinter out of my brain.

If you need me, I’ll be sucking down a tub of orange juice mixed with gewurztraminer and destroying a pint of peanut butter cup ice cream.  I’ve been told this combo is the cure for a sinus infection.  Okay, so it’s me telling myself that and I’m the ultimate authority.  I can’t argue with that.


8 thoughts on “Freedom to be Disgusting

  1. And here I thought I was the only one that enjoyed being alone lol…I really do enjoy when the guys go do something and I have the house to myself…ahhhh…just me and my thoughts lol sometimes it gets scary but for the most part it’s unexplained lolol…I am glad I am not alone on this subject …But I know you have it worse than me lol sorry that you have to deal with “them” Oh so enjoy that ice cream gurl you deserve it!!! you maybe on to the cure ; )

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  2. Wow, I felt a huge weight lift just reading. Wonderful! I too enjoy music alone time. I knew we had a kindred spiritedness. Lavish of your alone time and hopefully that is the cure for what ails you. 📚💻🍷💩 (couldn’t resist the dookie).

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