Shut Up, You’re an Idiot

How many times have I been told, “Stress doesn’t make *insert random condition* worse.”?  Oh really?  And rainbow colored bubbles float out of my mouth when I belch.  Stress causes a low grade inflammatory response, and when you’ve got a fuck-ton of chronic inflammatory issues, it absolutely does exacerbate things.  I don’t care what the “professionals” say.  Most of them are fucking idiots.

I’m dealing with a hefty dose of stress, which has thrown everything way out of whack.  I know where this leads, and I don’t like it one bit.  Attempting to get all of my quacks in a row so I can have my care temporarily transferred out of state is a fucking nightmare.  I can’t even get my medication renewals to go through in a timely manner – I’ll be lucky to be able to pick those up by Friday.  This is bullshit.  I understand that there are people who are actually dying so they get precedence, but that means those of us who are teetering on the edge of near-death can’t avoid getting to that point because we’re ignored until the situation is dire.

Today I have to clean out the refrigerator and take the last load of trash out so it doesn’t sit in the garage and rot for four months.  I’m going to miss my computer.  I’m going to miss the quiet.  I’m going to continue to lose my mind.  Apparently the dude in charge of getting MC’s authorization pushed through is also trying to get me tossed into the hospital for a full diagnostic work-up, to either confirm the current diagnoses, or come up with the correct ones.  I don’t remember consenting to this, and I won’t.  I’ve had enough.  Maybe one day, when the shit storm calms down and I don’t have anything better to do, I’ll consider it.  I’m too exhausted, too stressed out, and too depressed to avoid getting myself locked into a psych ward.

I’ll be like a Norwegian Blue, pining for the fjords.  No one will know how shitty I feel until I’m an ex-parrot.

17 thoughts on “Shut Up, You’re an Idiot

  1. This sounds like one big cluster f*ck. No one understands what you go through unless they go through it. I’ve stopped trying to explain or educate people that one would EXPECT to understand. Say a doctor for instance. Do what you need to do to get through this. This is supposed to be about him, why are they interfering with your medical business if you haven’t asked? Idiots. I understand the feeling of being done with tests and diagnoses. I cancelled my Primary Care appointment for today because I knew she was going to focus on MORE bloodwork (even though I just had it done last week), a mammogram (between a breast reduction and losing 135 pounds I have NO BREASTS and no one in my family has ever had breast cancer) and then she would completely ignore the fact that no one can find my gallbladder, Hang in there. Sorry for ranting. Try to ignore them. They have really good noise cancelling headphones.

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    • Haha, I’ve been doing a bit of music therapy while you-know-who is trying to harass me. Plugging my ears with my earbuds drowns out her yapping quite effectively. And it pisses her off, so that’s fun too. 😀

      I think this recommendation to subject me to more medical torture is actually my husband’s doing. He feels bad because I have a half a dozen follow-ups I need to go to, but won’t be able to. He’s well aware that I’m still going through my own hell underneath dealing with all of his crap. A heads up would have been nice, but he’s a shoot first, ask questions later type of guy. At least the option to say “NO” is still there, being a semi-sane adult and all.

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  2. I prescribe a hefty dose of Monty python, particularly all their commentary on bureaucracy and poor customer service: Ministery of Silly Walks, half of Life of Brian, all of Meaning of Life. Also Philosophers’ Drinking Song just because.

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  3. Well, if you get stuck and are over being a bird lol … you can come stay with Me … we got all the drugs I think you’ll need and a couple more you don’t, but can have anyway 🙂 bon appetite!

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  4. You’re totally right. 100% totally completely correct. Luckily for me, my Doctor realizes stress can/does play a fucking factor in inflammatory response. Unluckily, his response is benzos every day until it works, which I definitely don’t subscribe to. I hope you are able to work things out.

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  5. I’m way behind on things. I don’t know why you are leaving. Maybe I’ll know more the more I read and won’t have to go backward. I can’t believe I’m this far behind. Where have I been. yeah I was sick, but I’m also just a slacker. ugh.

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