In the clothes of a giant

I should be on my way back to hometown hell today, but my Dad’s back is “screaming” at him.  Funny, I haven’t heard a peep from it.  I had intended to get all of my packing done yesterday, load up the truck, then spend the night at the campground with them for an early departure this morning.  I should have packed while I had a stick up my ass to get moving, because now?  I’m sitting here not feeling motivated to do anything other than, well, nothing.  I’m loving me-time so much, I don’t want to give it up.  Ever.  It’s miiiiine!

There’s the small matter of my husband who needs to use me as a buffer between he and his psycho Harpy.  That’s not entirely fair, is it?  Why is that my job?  He misses me, but I think he must hate me if he plans to use me as a Harpy shield.  Do I miss him?  Uh, that’s complicated.  Sort of?  I don’t miss feeling like I want to cry every time I look at him.  It’s not that I don’t love him, because I do.  A whole lot more than I realized.  My brain is just feeling so good here while I’m all by my lonesome that I’m not prepared for it to end.  I don’t think I’m done recharging yet.  Please sir, may I have another week?  Please?!!

While I’m pretending to organize myself to begin packing, I’m also trying to conserve clean clothes.  This means I’m picking through piles of MC’s clean clothes to find something to wear.  He took all of his loose fitting clothes with him, so there should be something that doesn’t fall off of me, right?  Haaaaa!  I’ve got myself a blue Volcom nightie now.  A shirt that’s “too tight” for him.  Either he’s fatter than I realized, or I’m smaller than I realized.  Maybe both.

I ate out with the ‘rents last night and I am all kinds of uncomfortable.  Even my gallbladder is bitching at me today.  No bueno.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day.  With any luck, Dad won’t hit anything with the RV on this trip.  It’ll be a first!


6 thoughts on “In the clothes of a giant

  1. When I’m at my worst one my favorite things to do is grab one of Mr. Mango’s old Tshirts to wear around the house….especially cause I can do it without pants on…. Enjoy your last few hours of alone time and your trip with your rents! I’m sure you’ll need every bit of recharge time you have.

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  2. You definitely shouldn’t be a Harpy shield! She’s his mum, you only have her in your life because of MC. I’m sure you’d prefer it if he hadn’t come with that attachment, but nothings perfect.

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