Let’s Try This Again

Mr. Manchild finally got an appointment for a surgical consult in the land of Cleve.  He’s also scheduled to do about 50 tests, most of which he has already done.  He’s scheduled for a CT angiogram even though he just had one two weeks ago.  His poor kidneys.  This also means I have the pleasure of spending Wednesday night and Thursday in its entirety with the in-laws.  I can’t tell you how excited I am.

My Mom wanted to come with me to be my moral support.  I offered to pay for a room that the two of us could share and it’d give her the opportunity to escape from my Dad for a bit while providing me with small infusions of grounding sanity when having to listen to Harpy run her mouth incessantly.  I wanted to make sure MC was okay with her tagging along before I booked a room.  He wasn’t a fan of the idea because a) He hasn’t seen me in 8 days and he misses me, and b) When Harpy and my Mom are together in the same room, they’re constantly trying to speak over one another until the volume is deafening.

I respected his wishes and told my human security blanket she’d have to stay home.  She was a bit bummed.  Probably because I also said we could check in at 4pm, then order a pizza and share a bottle of Moscato.

I was going to use this time away from home as an excuse to avoid doctors for my own purposes, yet here I am accumulating a to-do list one week in.  First up: dentist.  Honestly, I’d rather have a colonoscopy.  Second: podiatrist to get a second opinion on my mangled ankle.  Third: fucking GI doctor.  And, uh, I’d rather get a haircut than see one of those asshole-assholes, but after spending all evening with what I can only assume was an SBO, the time to poison myself to reduce the inflammatory clusterfuck in my guts has arrived.  Ideally, this will all be taken care of before humpty dumpty falls off of his wall in November, but that would be too optimistic of an estimation for me.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Try This Again

  1. Think….lovely….thoughts…..! (Mary Martin as Peter Pan, teaching the children how to fly)

    If he already got all these rads, do they just want their own special Cleve rads, or are they looking for change between Rad #1 and Rad #2? Because that’s a pantload of rads.

    I hope you have got or shortly will get your flu shot. Nothing like living in fucking hospitals to make one sick. I wonder what they plan to do about MC’s flu immunity status? I am thinking about this because at this very moment I have a viral badness prodrome, you know, headache, myalgias, frantically gobbling herbal remedies (too late now, suckah). Balls.

    Nice that you will get to see yer lawful wedded again. Where did I hear that IV Haldol is odorless, colorless, tasteless, and goes well in any beverage? I forget. Sleeeeeep….

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    • The last study was gated and he has it on disc, so they may decide to cancel it. The quality was excellent, so I don’t see any reason to repeat, considering they’ll be doing an echo as well. I go through the same thing when I switch doctors. They all want to do their own damn tests. Hey guys! Blood is in short supply and ionizing radiation isn’t healthy.

      I think he got his flu shot last month. I haven’t yet. I probably should. I swore I would after getting the flumonia last year…so eventually… maybe… hopefully before it’s too late.

      It’s a shame all of my sleepy substances are bitter. 😏


  2. Oy! Guess it’s just too much to hope for a week of sanity or some modicum of quiet for you? =( *hugs*….even from 400 miles away.
    I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. I have been reading your wild ride notes, I’ve just had my own hands full. Back to the doc on Friday for me to ask *again* for a damn broncoscopy. I’ll post about it soon. But I am thinking of you guys and sending positive energy up there!

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    • August and September were such a blur, I’ll probably have to go back and read my own crap to figure out what in hell is going on.

      Hope you’re alright! Neither one of us is allowed to keel over until we’ve had our “sit and do nothing” date. 🙂

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      • I can only imagine. That’s a lot to process and if you’re anything like me, it’ll be a minute before you’re able to get through all of it in your head.

        I’ll be alright. Death by chocolate milk is still hanging around. Agreed!! I have to kidnap you and take you to the movie theater that has reserved seats and recliners!


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