The Problem With Words

It’s probably not difficult to determine I do most of my “writing” with my phone.  Short incomplete sentences, tiny paragraphs…verbal spew.  I’m wondering how I had the patience to do that or how I can get it back.  I’ve got plenty to say but my hands are too inefficient.  I’ll save all of that for later (ye hath been warned).

I’m still in Cleveland, as our schedule got some things tacked on that couldn’t be squeezed in yesterday.  I have a love-hate relationship with this city.  Love: House of Blues, Playhouse Square (where I saw BB King!!!), Lakeside outings with friends, and the thrill of being in the “big city” after residing in a corn field for most of my life.  I sponsored my very first panhandler here.  Cleveland is cool.

It’s also dirty, smelly, unsafe, and downright depressing.  This could also relate to Ohio as a (w)hole.  There are very few sunny days here when you need them most.  Fall, winter and most of spring, the sun is veiled by a thick layer of grey.  Winter in Alaska had more sun and there were only 5 hours of daylight in Anchorage.

Bleak.  I’m in a foul mood and I miss my home, but nostalgia ain’t so bad.

6 thoughts on “The Problem With Words

  1. Gotta leave home sometimes, if only so you have a chance to miss it! There is something to be said for nostalgia, being able to spend moments wrapped up in memories instead of living in the hell that is the present can be a very nice break from reality. I hope your mood improves, maybe you’ll catch a rare glimpse of sunshine 🙂 Here’s hoping!

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  2. Oh nooooo, I recognize that view!!! 😱

    I know Cleveland’s got lots of cool stuff going on…it’s just, as you say, so damned depressing, that even though my Real Brain wanted desperately to go to the R&R Hall Of, especially since my first year of road life was mostly fueled by Sirius XM’s Classic Rock station, whose studio is located there….my Depressed Brain, which is usually in charge of lethargy, ennui, and neurasthenia, refused to give me the keys to the lead boots I am forced to wear so very often. And the Land of Cleve is a guaranteed lead boot situation. Best to tread lightly, get the thing done, and tiptoe away….and bring your knitting.

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  3. I’ve lived in the same house for 36 years. Until I was 26 I had not left it beyond a total of 8 weeks spent on family holidays. I’m miles away from countryside, and live in the London Burbs. In the country I am much physically healthier. Indeed, in other cities, I’m healthier (pollution is a newish pain in my ass), however, I miss my semi in West London if I’m away too long – I just wish there were bigger parks near me- or at least green spaces I could actually manage to walk to. London ain’t bad for sunlight, but the pollution is horrible, and in winter/summer it’s horrible: really wet and aggressive, or too hot. Bleugh.


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