Civil duty unfulfilled

It’s November 8th, the day I praise myself for not succumbing to a taco bell craving Monday afternoon, thus allowing me to travel to the uh, health spa without stopping 15 times.  It’s also presidential election day in the US.

I will not be voting in this election.  Not because I don’t want to – I’ve voted in every major election and many local and state elections since I was legally able to do so – the state of Maryland neglected to send me an absentee ballot.  I mailed my request in by the deadline, but no joy.

This is my fault, now that I think about it, and I’m pissed.  I’m not registered in Maryland.  I’m registered in Alaska.  The absentee ballot request was a registration/ballot request, so my brain told me they’d register me, then I’m good to go (and get called for jury duty again.. fuck).  My brain is an idiot. Read the fine print after the fact and notice the deadline for registration is in early April.  Son of a bitchface.

I’ve been more nervous about this election than I am about MC’s upcoming surgery, but at least I’m not as invested this time around if it turns out opposite of the way I prefer.  Lord, Allah, Buddha, Ganesh, Odin, and Trent Reznor help us if it does.

Now comes an even bigger decision with greater immediate impact to those around me today.  To shower, or not to shower?  That is the question.

8 thoughts on “Civil duty unfulfilled

  1. Hey gurly gurl!!!
    How have you been feeling???
    God how I know how hard it is to take a shower…it sucks having to choose take a shower and hurt more and more tired or say fuck that shitt and still hurt lol and not take one..

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    • If I stop to think about how I am, I’ll cry. If I cry, my eyes will melt off and I’ll have to paint them back on. I ain’t got time for that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ One shitty day at a time.

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      • Damn gurly I just seen this lol…
        aww gurl now I don’t want you to cry but I can relate to all that you said : (
        but you did make me laugh with melting eyes lol…if you don’t want to paint them you could drawl them on paper and just scotch tape them to ur face ???…Hang in there gurly gurl…
        always take it one day at a time or even less than that… every second or minute…some days are like that and it fucking sucks..
        Hugggs n love to ya

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  2. Hey … I’m nervous for your entire country too!!! Slightly embarrassed for yous too I think ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please tell me its not just Hillary and Trump to chose from .. cos that’d be like choosing between syphilis and herpes simplex 2 … well thats what it looks like from this side of the globe ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • I need to stop reading stuff about it. So many people are upset. I watch Rachel Maddow when I’m in a place that has cable TV. She almost had a meltdown on air and I lost it. Boooo!


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