Oh, snap

I’m going to take a moment to look on the bright side, knock on wood and then I’ll resume my regularly scheduled bitching.  Cool?  Cool.

I’m somehow keeping my head above water and my ass out of the hospital, other than visiting the person whose ass happens to be trapped in the hospital.  

He’s so gorked on drugs, he has conversations with me that are extensions of dreams.  I have no idea what the fuck he’s talking about.  The less he remembers about this experience, the better.  He’s still refusing to get out of bed, but I enabled him by bringing him his piss bucket.  I’ve had separated ribs and a fractured sternum (remind me to ask for help while disassembling furniture), but never a split sternum and all ribs jacked up at the same time.  

Why am I the only person here who understands how much pain he’s in?  His Mom is flipping out over the PCA and keeps telling the nurses they need to disconnect it.  Fuck that.  Who cares if he falls asleep during RT and wakes up without remembering what he was doing?  I don’t mind telling him to keep working on it when he wakes up.  What I don’t want is his BP going up and him barfing or passing out from pain.

It was a short day for me.  He was beyond exhausted, so I decided to leave early because he kept apologizing for sleeping while I was there.  Hopefully Harpy leaves him alone tonight.  Her hovering drives me insane.  Yet another reason to leave.  I’m either a good wife, or a terrible one for not being with him 24/7.  I know when I’m in the hospital, I don’t want visitors.  Between nurses and doctors, it’s just too many people to deal with.

That’s not exclusive to hospitalizations either.  I am DONE with people right now.  My Mom is wonderful, but she’s annoying the shit out of me.  And his parents?  Kill me already.  I can’t take it anymore.  Seriously.  I’m feeling extremely imbalanced.  Releeeeease meeeeee.

9 thoughts on “Oh, snap

  1. If you haven’t snapped by now…Oh wait, I see that rubber band getting very thin, be careful now. However, if snapping will keep you out of the hospital, then snap.
    You have too much sh*t to deal with.
    I’m glad MC came through surgery. I know he’s in horrible pain. Pity others don’t understand that.
    Good luck Kara. Yep, your gonna need it.

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  2. Damn it all. My magic carpet broke down, and is now in the shop, along with my magic wand and crystal ball. Fuck. Well, it won’t help things if I tell you I was under the hood (of the carpet), deep into the task of tuning up its many carburetors, when a dust storm came out of nowhere and blew half the Sonoran Desert into the works. I barely clung on as we were swept over millions of Saguaro cacti….my worst fear was that the storm might drop me off in Mexico, and of course I rarely have my passport out and ready for inspection when I am deep in the breathing apparatus of a magic carpet.

    We limped home riding thermals and gliding, since the carpet wouldn’t start, and I had to drag it the last half mile to the Magical Tool Repair Shop. I knew better than to ask any of the grumpy people there for help, as they are already pissed off and it would just put me further down the list. So I rolled up the carpet and laid it alongside my magic wand, crystal ball, etc.
    If not for this, I believe my magic carpet would be on its way to pick you up…..

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  3. Why does his mom want him off the PCA? Seems like he should be on it for more than a couple of days after major surgery. Are painkillers bad for the heart? I don’t think so. It would only be bad if the drugs kept him from wanting to move… Dude’s gotta move. Unfortunately, the pain will probably get worse before it gets better. At least that’s what I remember from my surgeries.

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    • Because she’s a sadistic bm of the devil. It effects his cognition and she’s afraid it’s going to screw him up forever. She’s an idiot. He needs pain medication. Being awake effects her cognition so I’m going to suggest she never wake up again. It’ll be so quiet.

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