The sweet sound of snoring

MC was disconnected from his pain med pump today and transitioned to percolone, ketorolac, and tramadol.  He had the wires removed from his chest tube ostomies, then got his drugs.  I kicked the Moms out (those chatty hookers), and plugged myself into a little music to see if he could get a nap in before lunch.  About twenty minutes later, I could actually hear him breathing.  
His breaths have been quick and shallow because of the pain, but that anti-inflammatory seems to make a huge difference.  Shortly after, he started snoring.  Just like old times.  I never thought it’d be this exciting to watch him sleep!  This is exactly what he needs, especially now that he’s up taking walks.  Unfortunately it’s only 10 minutes until his next vitals check.  Every hour, on the hour.  I’m considering spending the night here with him to see if they can switch him to 2 or even 4 hour checks.  If they stick a pulse oximeter on his finger tonight, they can keep tabs on him without waking him up.  He’s got a BP cuff and wireless cardiac monitor, and me!

It’s not like I need sleep.  I’ve been in too much pain to sleep until I hit the 48 hour exhaustion mark.  Like I said, it’s a fucking miracle I haven’t gotten sick, minus a few culinary indiscretions.  As long as he keeps snoring, and I keep not being sick, all will be well until discharge.

One thing is bugging the hell out of me, though.  I can’t hug the sonofabitch and I really really want to!  I miss my hugs.  Sad pillbug.

6 thoughts on “The sweet sound of snoring

  1. Yay for good news and progress!
    I actually asked to be transitioned off my pca pump because the ketorolac was doing more for my pain than pca morphine after my hip surgery. Can’t have it for too long, but it works really well! I’m happy to hear he’s snoring again. =)
    Breathe! Sending hugs and maybe a little sleep for you too! ♡

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  2. Good news all around, except for no hugs. Hand squeezes will have to suffice for a while I guess.
    Don’t want you so sick you can’t even see him. So don’t forget to take care of you. At least a little bit. Gotta keep you out of the hospital.
    Sending hugs little pill bug. Get some sleep. ♡


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