11 Hours

I spent yesterday in rehab and aftercare classes in preparation for Manchild’s discharge, which is supposed to be this afternoon.  Will it actually happen?  Only if he can drop deuce.  It has been six days, which isn’t the longest for him.  After his first surgery in Alaska, it took about twelve days for his bowels to begin working properly again and after the botched surgery, it took ten.  I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable that must be.  We’ll see what happens.

I got my very first post-surgery “hug” from MC yesterday as we were leaving.  Best almost hug ever.  I took off with my Mom at about 3:30 to head back to my parent’s house to do some laundry and maybe get some actual sleep.


I felt horrible leaving him, but it’ll be easier for everyone to have one less person to wrangle while they’re trying to get him home.  I desperately needed the rest too.  I went to bed around 9pm last night, woke up at 3am, and then again at 8am.  Nearly 11 hours of sleep.  That’s probably as much sleep in one night as I had gotten total in the prior nine days.  And now I feel sick.  Excellent.

6 thoughts on “11 Hours

  1. Definitely not the easiest thing, “bearing down” with a cracked chest…..why isn’t there a tube for THAT? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve longed for a tube for THAT location, a real step-saving modern convenience….just think, for the poor postop anesthetized morphine paralyzed gut, they could put down an NG tube and do a wash-out from above with Go Lytely, and simply convey the contents out into a closed container. Better yet, start this on POD 1 or 2, avoiding the logjam entirely. If I invent this system, you think they’d put my name on it, like the Foley catheter???? “The Schulman Shit Containment System.” Lovely!

    Hope all goes well for the home-going. Is his room on the ground floor?

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    • Hahahaha! I think you’ve got something there. 😅

      It’s a split level. Lots of stairs, though the area he’s set up in has a bathroom and entry through the garage – no stairs. He’s walking well, but I do worry about him trying to get to the kitchen while he’s loaded up on pain meds. Those stairs have bitten me a few times…they’re slick and unlevel. It was his decision to stay there, so I hope I won’t have to say “too bad you didn’t take my advice” after he falls and fucks his shit up.


      • NOOOOO we don’t want one of THOSE horror shows. Nuh-uh. I’m shocked they kicked him out so soon, without sending him to a rehab joint. They want to get people out, yes, to minimize infection rates and maximize the bottom line. But I’m not keen on releasing somebody who’s just had a major rebuild on their aorta, to a home setting like **that one.** But as you said, he’s an adult…sort of….

        Glad you like the Schulman Shit Management System 😆

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  2. Damn. I was excited…got a partial hug, MC might be coming home, 11 hours sleep….all good news! Then you ruined it with the last bit….you feel sick. Damn. I can’t think of more to say. You know I don’t want you sick, that you need to take care of you….all LL those things I could say, so I’ll just send you a fart blossom and wish you better.

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    • Lol, fart blossom. You crack me up 😀

      Thanks homie! It was a false alarm. My allergies were kicking up – I need to call someone to come in to clean my parent’s house. It’s no wonder my mom has to be on 4 different meds for her allergies.


  3. Sleep is good. And Whew!!! really glad to hear it was allergies.

    Lol, I’m with Laura! They wait til you’re out to put in the cath, they could help a body out and clear everything else out too. I can think of plenty of surgeries that would be appreciated. And I can tell you from experience that after a hip replacement, that’s no fun.

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