Got Blood?

Why does it take four people to care for one manchild?  Because they won’t get the hell out of the way and quit treating him like an infant.  

I thought it’d be best to have him get used to his med schedule by allowing him to serve himself.  Having them all in am/pm/morning/lunch/afternoon planners and separating the pain meds from the rest and keeping a log to write down everything as he takes it makes it pretty fucking difficult to screw up.  With this in mind, I left the log and his various pill boxes (each with their own unique color) on the table next to his bed.  Boy, did I ever get an earful regarding that decision.  Maybe I’m unique in the matter of narcotic pain meds not completely thrashing my faculties.  For a guy who everyone assumes is out of his mind because he’s taking oxy, he seems quite with it to me.  The only difference I notice is that he’s less tolerant of being pestered.  This is a good thing, for the most part.

I am not well, even by my own standards.  My shift of looking after ding dong starts around 7am and ends around midnight.  If I’m not on my feet, I’m sitting in the world’s most uncomfortable dining room chair next to his bed.  Being upright for more than ten minutes at a time saps me.  Exhausted doesn’t even begin to cover it.  I’m so tired I could and sometimes do cry.  Everything hurts, my appetite is shot, but don’t you know “I’m fine”?  I’m having left sided back pain that’s sort of stoney.  If I pass a stone, at least I get a break.  Does this tell you how much I’m enjoying my time here?

I took another spill on the fucking stairs again and landed squarely on my right ischial tuberosity.  That’s an ass bone.  I busted my ass bone on the cement floor.  Somehow I managed not to crack my head on the steps during the backlash.  I suppose when one falls all of the fucking time, one develops a special skill set to fall without causing a concussion.  

Post-op follow-up is tomorrow.  He’s not doing well at all.  The fevers are gone, but he can’t stand without getting dizzy.  He freezes, his fingers turn blue and he shakes uncontrollably if he isn’t bundled up, and sweats like my underboobs in Florida when he is.  I happened to look at his labs at pre-op and again at discharge.  His hemoglobin went from 17 to 12.2.  On top of his new BP meds, he’s anemic.  Just barely by labs standards, but that’s one hell of a drop.  If it happens slowly, your body has time to compensate and the effects aren’t as profound even if it’s still sucky.  

I haven’t been over 9 in ages, but I function better than I did when I first became barely anemic.  It’ll take a few months for him to get back up to acceptable levels, then at least a year before he’s back to baseline.  Poor kid.  I cleaned his incisions this evening while he was sitting up in bed, then I wiped the rest of him down with bath wipes.  This was the least traumatic bathing experience he has had since the 11th.  What a lucky guy.
Unfortunately, I’ve had no luck getting him to use his spirometer the prescribed number of times each day.  His oxygen sat is shit.  I hope the doctor yells at him tomorrow.

Now, I’m going to go die.  Peace, friends.

9 thoughts on “Got Blood?

  1. Yikes! You don’t have to, you know, LITERALLY bust your ass!

    One evening a mom brought her 15 year old daughter to my ER. The girl had slipped during a basketball game and landed square on her tush. I suspected a fractured tailbone, and the xray confirmed it. I told them the bad news, and the girl, with trembling lip, asked me what would happen to her now.

    “Well,” I said in my most businesslike manner, “Of course we’re going to have to put your butt in a sling.”

    The poor little girl’s eyes turned into platters.

    “OH NOOOOOOOOO!” She wailed.

    I excused myself, shut the door behind me, went down to the end of the hall, and laughed myself out of breath. (I am a bad person!)

    Then I went back inside and apologized. The poor thing was so relieved! She had totally believed me.

    I know it was a terrible thing to do. The devil made me do it!

    Here’s hoping that MC has a very reasonable postop appt tomorrow. 17 is very high for hg. Probably dehydrated, unless he had been hypoxic due to red cell destruction by his bad valve for a very long time, enough to develop polycythemia to compensate?

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    • LOL… that’s awesome. Mean, yes, but still awesome.

      He was probably a little dehydrated since they had him fasting for his cath the same day the pre-op labs were taken. Hydrated, he’s still on the way upper end of normal. I’m not sure what his iron/ferritin levels look like. Hopefully he has enough squirrelled away.

      I learned something while he was in step-down. A possible cause – he had a skiing accident when he was younger, smashed right into a tree like Sonny. He didn’t break anything, but that was back when his bones were still bendy. Shit like that is why I switched to ice skating for winter sports. Skates have brakes.

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      • Hmm. An old injury? Doesn’t strike me as likely that he would survive an acute deceleration injury of that magnitude. Usually people who have aortic disruption acutely also have at least cardiac contusion, and combined with a dissecting aneurysm= sudden death. I bet he’s got some connective tissue issue (rhymes, cute, huh?) that’s been brewing for years. That’s the only reason he’d be alive now, is if it was a slowly developing process. Good that he didn’t do a Sonny, for sure! Who was that cartoon character…”watch out for that treeeeee!”

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  2. Woman, I just hope you make it through all of this. I can’t even imagine what strength it must be taking to manage your own health into some hidden compartment and take manage his so well for such a long recovery. I can barely handle Mr. Mango when he has a man flu for a few days (boy is he a needy freak when he has the sniffles). Sending positive vibes your way and a ton of wishful thinking that recovery speeds up and that his doctors can do as much as possible about getting his number back up as much as possible. xoxo


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